• Day1

    Motel 6

    September 24, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    I'm telling people I'm a Wildlife Biologist sent from Oregon to help search for an elusive giant snake named Wessie, in and around the Sappi paper mill here in Westbrook. All Mainers have not gotten the joke so far, and simply believe me. See photo of Wessie swimmimg. Oh this is big news.. the newspapers and every major News Channel have carried various stories about this over a several-month long timeframe. Businesses have signs up about it and my Uber driver said she would never take her kids near the river right now . The newspapers, the police and others might be very interested in my photo. This is my welcome to Maine. NOT much going on around here. Ayuh. Oh and by the way, just to be clear, most people think there probably is no snake. Yet, the media is relentless. Mainers are putting a lot of effort into this mystery . Someone even found a snake skin near the river and the Westbrook Police Chief certainly did not question that it was worth the taxpayer dollars to have it sent it off to a fancy test lab in Texas. The results indicated that there was an andaconda in the area. However now that brings up the question is this all just a hoax. I've come here to settle this question once and for all. See the photo I shot, of Wessie with the massive soccer ball sized head, swimming alledgedly near the Sappie Mill near motel six here. Click to enlage. Photo shoot was shot near a shop. Where I was shopping photos. Oh, shoot. Would you call that a photo shop? Or something like that, alledgedly.
    - In contrast, the very real fire, not "alleged", that jumped the 101 freeway right at San Francisco International Airport, see my photo, not bought at a photo shop, which made it hard to get to my hotel to catch my flight...was a total NON news event that no one cared about. Only one news channel picked up the story.. on their website only.. in a one paragraph blurb. And the next day I'm sure everyone forgot about it. Yes, this was a fire at a major United States airport that was big enough that it jumped a major US freeway that was 10 lanes wide. LOL
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