• Day5

    Cabin at Wolfes Neck

    September 28, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Saw my brother Nate today, and my cousin Shawn, as well as my near family member (I guess I will call her) Brenda, at the corporate offices. I went in there to get an ID so that I could get my family discount at the retail store. Brenda took care of me, and tomorrow morning I guess she will have an updated ID badge for me. Meanwhile she supplied me with one that is very classic from a long time ago and I'll try to get a photo of for the travel blog here. I also went down to Wolfe's neck, to do the first experimental flight of the drone (without its camera). With all the birch trees gone, and the grass all dried out… one good thing is that there's some open-space to practice flying a drone. It takes three things to fly the drone it takes the drone a phone and a pair of I goggles. The latter don't have to be worn but they need to be nearby and they need energy and they ran out of battery power leaving my drone hovering at about 100 feet camp with no way to get it down or control it . I don't know the gate code there so I had parked up by the chain and I had to run back to the truck and get a battery while the drone hovered in midair. Kind of an odd situation. When I got back down to the cabin area where the Drone was hovering it had not changed its position even one foot . Pretty remarkable . Overall the thing has quirks though . But I'm getting the feel for the drone. Right now it doesn't seem to want to land until "I read the tutorial (flashes an annoying message saying this rather than just freaking landing) or it runs out of batteries... which is how it finally got itself out of the air. I don't know how it knows if I read the tutorial. Some famous speaker in a commencement address once "said little by little progress is made."

    Going to probably stay in the old Port today got one of the last rooms available there and there's nothing in downtown Freeport. Boy, I used to complain about prices now they are more expensive than ever and you're lucky if you can even find a place in downtown Portland or Freeport. That new Hyatt Place in the Old Port, on a Wednesday night in what I would call nearly the offseason is still over $500 tonight for a room . Can you believe that? There's a couple others that are over 400 right around the Old Port . I thought San Francisco was expensive . At least I can find somewhere near the center of the city for cheaper than that pretty much anytime . Wow . But I did find a place on the Portland peninsula after much diligent work , for a couple days . I used my discount to save about half but it was still outrageous. I hope to visit Jesse and people like Laura Fuller of Fuller glass my old friend and former business co-manager, and maybe Sonny Robinson who I guess now is a clairvoyant which is kind of interesting to me.
    Btw at Wolfes Neck I walked next door to the neighbors to the north where they are building a beautiful post and beam home out of Oregon Douglas fir and Maine pine. Wow it's huge! See photo. They are catching stripers there in case anyone wants to know… It's confirmed that they are running. I got to talk with some of the construction guys there. They got the approval easy enough I guess to expand and that property is probably 4-5000 ft.² now.
    I found a rock that had crystals on it out in back of the cabin glad no one threw it away just because it took me hours to harvest that from the shore at the time. Many many years ago!
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    Linda Bean

    Do you want a cabin key? If so, Wayne has one and there is bedding inside. Cold and inconvenient, but cheap. The code is the year your ancestor Bill went from Normandy, France, and did something significant in England.