• Day10

    Barkerville, BC; Canada's gold rush days

    June 25, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Breakfast and hot showers this morning! After confirming what a "loonie" is ( Canadian dollar) we discovered that a "single loonie" (3 minute) shower was sufficient! Having breakfast does not necessarily mean that we don't enjoy finding local pastry shops to try once we finished our shopping at the Quesnel Bakery we headed north and east to Barkerville. This is Canada's version of Columbia, only on steroids. Approximately 100 plus buildings, with at least 50 or so equipped with artifacts consistent with the period. Saloons, dry goods, assay office, post office, government office, school house, church, restaurant, boarding houses, miner cabins, residences, Chinatown, the list goes on and on. Staff all in period costumes, mini shows and demonstrations going on all the time. And not nearly as commercial as Columbia is...we spent all day here just wondering and reading. There was LOTS of explanations/descriptions everywhere to read. Rain clouds threatened all day, felt a drop or two, but stayed dry. Clouds always look like they are going to break open with buckets of water, but we're dont seem to get much! Fingers crossed!

    Firsts: 5 mosquito bites yesterday evening!
    ...AND 1 small black bear sighting this morning! Tom did not seeit, he was driving, but I saw this black hump moving across a log.... had to look twice because I never spot animals much. Sure enough, just walking across a log that was laying perpendicular against the slope of the mountain. I think he looked young, but I was in a moving RV, so who knows. Tom was very bummed.

    Auggie update: he seems to be doing slightly better, but he really has been struggling with this awful kennel cough. It is hard to walk him because he starts this horrible hacking sound that makes me feel like I am choking him. I am sure our fellow campers will be reporting us for abuse. At a minimum they do tend to avoid us...

    Sorry for the delay on this particular update, NO cell service or Wi-Fi at this stop. Tom and I are at a total loss....we have had to resort to talking!

    Grateful for a wonderful day, amen!
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