• Day71

    The jewels, Lake Louise and Moraine Lake

    August 25, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 36 °F

    Early, early, early....set the alarm for 5 because we all wanted to leave by 6 a.m. for Lake Louise. You hear all these stories about how difficult it is to get parking so we wanted to be early!

    Based on the discussions we'r had regarding the shuttle options we left K & S camper in the village, and took our RV up to the lake, only about 4 or 5 miles up the road. Got there about 6:30 or so, and had LOTS of parking options. Settled into a spot and got some coffee going.

    About 7:30 we left Auggie in the RV and headed to the shuttle location to secure tickets for a midday ride to Moraine lake. Moraine lake parking is so tight, if you aren't there before 6 a.m you aren't allowed to drive in. They actually close the road to all incoming cars and only allow the shuttle buses.

    After getting tickets we walked over to the lake. That first look is so stunning. You look down this turquoise lake to see these tall, rocky, mountain peaks, and a glacier hanging at the end of the lake. And in the morning, with little wind, it is all reflected in the lake surface. Really glad we got there when we did, because the edge of the lake fills up fast with a lot of tourists which makes picture taking a challenge. We just enjoyed the view and then spent sometime walking g t.he grounds of the hotel AMD eventually making or way into the hotel, actually the correct word is chateau, the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Elegant, with the oldest part being built (I think) in the 1920s. This replaced the very original Chateau, which was a small rustic wood building. To qualify as "restaurant" guests we went in and had some coffee with requisite pastry and po purchased some sandwiches for later in the day.

    Back outside for first hike of the day, the Fairview overlook. Overlook always means "uphill" and this was all that. Uphill for maybe half a mile or so to a wooden platform that provided a great view if the lake and the Chateau. Just beautiful, red canoes on the lake, beautiful blue sky with clouds, Chateau planted at the foot of the really appreciate why this is a destination spot. I can't even imagine what a room costs here!

    After walking Auggie a bit, we all met the noon shuttle for Moraine Lake, about a 20 minute drive. Hopped off the bus and after checking in with a ranger headed "uphill" to get an overlook of this lake. It really was just a short hike up a large rockpile that gave us a breathtaking view of this stunning lake. The color was almost radiant, translucent, jewel like blue, again surrounded by rocky peaks, glacier, and streams. Wow, we sat in the sun (yes!), soaking in the view, the warmth and eating our sandwiches. Lots of picture taking!

    We split up again, K & S opting for a longer uphill hike, and Tom and I taking the flatter lakeshore trail. With all the various mountain peaks, the views changed all along the lakeshore. And with fluctuating clouds and sun, the lighting varied as well. I kept taking pictures thinking that the light was much better than the last shot! But they are all gorgeous pictures, you can't take a bad one st this lake!

    Caught our 4 pm shuttle to K &S dropped at the village to get their camper, and Tom and I back to Lake Louise to get the RV. We walked out for one last look at the lake, not sure if we would see it again, I hope so!! And as we drove away- a rainbow!

    Had about an hour drive to Banff Campground. It was interesting to see that this park had a number of animal under and over passes to minimize the accidents cause by the wildlife. I assume it makes a difference, very creative!

    What an awesome day! Thank you God for this blessing!
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