• Day39

    Goodbye, goodbye, we,re leaving .

    February 27, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    We got up this morning and had breakfast with our hosts .As we didn't have to leave till 12md they suggested we walked up Mount Eden . There are 50+ dormant volcanoes in Aukland and Mount Eden is one of them .We were dropped at the bottom and proceeded to climb up along the path which goes up and around it. A daunting task for me at the best of times, hills finish me. Whether it was the breakfast fabulous !, the flight socks💥or just a good day I managed it. What a view, all 360 degrees around Aukland. The harbour bridge, skytower and bay were amazing and the number of other volcanoes you could see. I did not realise how far it spread out. We walked back to The Grange to say good-bye to our hosts. I can't recommend them highly enough 👍👍👍I am now sitting with Chris in Aukland airport waiting for our flight to Singapore, then on to Paris and then Manchester. There we will part and I will carry in to Dublin and Kilkenny getting home about 8pm on Thursday night.🤗😔happy to be home but sad to leave such a great place. I would love to come back .I.l finish this blog when I get home as I have photos to download from my I pad and some proof reading to doRead more