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  • Day99

    Last Day in Bangkok

    April 19, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 35 °C

    I had a long sleep in and still felt incredibly tired when I woke up. So I had a nice relaxing day! I had fully intended on visiting Wat Po, a nearby temple but decided against it in the sweltering heat. Instead my roommate and I decided to go visit a fish spa! I was so against them for so long because I was convinced that it wasn't good for the fish to be living in those conditions but I've been assured that they're well taken care of.. I sure hope so. Anyway, that was a crazy experience. Keeping still was incredibly difficult with 50 fish nibbling on your feet! It wasn't so much ticklish as it was tingly, like you were being mildly electrocuted or something. We only did 15 minutes, I don't think that I could have done any longer it was too strange of a feeling! We decided instead to get a foot massage afterwards which was the best decision I've made in a long time ;) Afterwards, we went back and lounged by the pool until it was time for me to say my goodbyes and head to the airport.. I'll see them again for sure! Especially my roommate Kelsey who also lives in BC.

    On my way to the airport I again was struck by how big Bangkok is... It took an hour to get to the airport and there are just huge buildings everywhere! The density is incredible and the amount of traffic. I realize we hardly even scratched the surface.. I'm confident that one day I'll be back to Bangkok though, even if it is just as a layover stop to different destinations :)

    The airport is also massive. And there are silly rules associated with the airline... Like the fact that I couldn't bring bottled water on board even when it was bought after security?! I've never heard of that before.. But whatever, I just kept disturbing the airline staff instead to quench the incessant thirst I seem to develop on flights. All that dry air or something... But I will say that this was the nicest airline I have ever been on for an economy flight. I booked with Qantas but it was operated by Emarites and I understand why people rave about them now. Tons of leg room, wide seats, great entertainment selection, good food, wifi on board, allowing people to data roam, etc etc. They were fantastic! I'd for sure fly with them again.

    The flight is an over nighter and scheduled to arrive in Sydney at 7:40 am! Hoping I can sleep...
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  • Day98

    Back to Bangkok

    April 18, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    We arrived back at Bangkok early this morning off the night train and thankfully were able to check in to our rooms at the Wild Orchid right away. We went to Ricky's for breakfast and I had spaghetti haha. Afterwards I did some research on things to do in Sydney, called mom, and spoke to Alanna for a while. Then I repacked my bags and somehow managed to get everything into my backpack plus a carryon! I don't even know how that's physically possible considering that I had a full backpack and carryon plus the bag I had left behind at the Wild Orchid before leaving for Chiang Mai... My Tetris skills are improving I suppose :p from there I went out to the market one last time to pick up a few last minute items before heading to the pool to relax! A big part of the group was also there so we shared a few drinks just enjoying our last day together. We went for dinner at some strange place called Hippie Bar where I had a "set" meal that consisted of a soup, fried "chicken", and spicy rice. Apparently it was a Thai meal but nothing I've ever seen before. Tasty, but strange... The fried chicken tasted more like pork and was little strips of deep fried meat. The soup was a clear soup with small noodles that was quite tasty actually and the rice was far too spicy for my tastes, oops. After dinner we went out to Khao San Road for one last hurrah! I wasn't feeling well so I took it easy and went home fairly early, before midnight I believe. Stomach is feeling better but still not 100% at this point!Read more

  • Day97

    Last Day in Chiang Mai

    April 17, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Today was technically only a half day as we boarded a night train at 2:30 pm to return to Bangkok. We had breakfast at the bagel house once again and said some teary goodbyes. I was really sad to see those girls go! The ones not officially part of our tour that I've been spending all my time with, including Jess. They're headed to Pai today while the rest of us end our tour.. It's getting close to done with Asia for me :(

    And it poured today. Haven't seen rain like that in a long long time! I kind of enjoyed it and of course went out for a walk in it :) the train ride has been uneventful thus far and all I want to do is sleep but the beds aren't made yet. Soon I hope! Also my stomach is feeling mildly better, less issues than before. Either the antibiotics or the probiotics or a combo of the two are starting to work their magic! Hope it keeps up..
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  • Day96

    X-Centre, Chiang Mai

    April 16, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Today was a slow start. Kind of. I had breakfast at about 7am because I couldn't sleep and then went back to bed until noon. First priority was washing all those disgusting clothes... And taking antibiotics because I definitely ingested some of that water. One of our friends actually went in to the hospital last night because it was so bad for him and that's what they recommended for him. So we'll see if the antibiotics and then probiotics work for me. If not I'll be seeing a doctor in Sydney! It's all just intestinal discomfort and I'm sure that it'll be fine in a few days...

    But anyways, in the afternoon we went ad a large group to the extreme sports centre or X-Centre. I didn't participate but had a lot of fun watching others do drift carting, bungee jumping, and xorbing. The xorbs were my favourite haha. Looked like fun!! So did the drift carting but I didn't want to be in a car that was being bounced around with the condition my body is in lol. It was good to participate though!

    Afterwards we went to a Sports bar for some pizza before retuning home for a nap. It's our last night together in Chiang Mai so I felt obligated to go out with everyone. I napped until 9:45 and then met up with the group. I managed to make myself a pretty damn good Bloody Mary that helped me feel a bit better. But I still wasn't up for continuing the party when the bar closed at midnight and went back to bed for a solid nights sleep.

    Oh, today we also learned that 226 people died over the last 4 days of Songkran.. Mostly vehicle or alcohol related.... And over 5000 were injured... Dangerous holiday to be on the roads! Glad we all came out unscathed :)
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  • Day95

    Songkran Day 3

    April 15, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    We were expecting today to be the wild day but it was definitely not as busy as the first two days. Maybe the colder weather had something to do with that.. But it was still fun! The group rented trucks with ice water bins and went out to get soaked. I didn't join them because my friends weren't officially on the tour, so we tried to look for then instead but never actually saw them. We did actually watch the parade for once though! Each day there was a parade of different groups, some university groups, businesses, etc. Wasn't all that exciting to be honest but we were in a good viewing position and didn't want to leave too quickly. We didn't waterfight as long today, one of our friends had to catch a flight at about 2:30 so we walked her back and said goodbye. Another was leaving shortly after so we hung out at the hotel for a while instead of going back out into the mayhem.

    After our friends left, we dried off again and went to try and meet the group at the tattoo shop where they were having a tattoo party similar to the one we did before. But, we weren't told that the owner has 3 locations and went to the wrong one... Couldn't find them at the end of it so our smaller group did our own thing which turned out to be more fun anyway! We went back to the international food market, had some snacks, and listened to the band that was playing. Our friends even managed to get people up and dancing when usually they don't. Fun times! Afterwards we just went back to the guesthouse for a few more drinks and conversation.
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  • Day94

    Songkran Day 2

    April 14, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Day 2 of Songkran was just as wild as the first day. The group returned from the Jungle Trek yesterday evening so today we had an even larger team for fighting. And we broke out the wild costumes! We again loaded up on drinks and water and went out. Just as fun and crazy as the day before! But this time we didn't end up at Stamps, we went to a different hostel instead with some new folks we met. I'm pretty sure I accidentally ingested moat water yesterday because today my stomach has been giving me nothing but problems, I've never had it this bad on all of my travels. But, I didn't let it stop me! We continued water fighting well into the day and then repeated what we did yesterday. Dinner, change of clothes, backpackers, leave early because it was too busy haha.Read more

  • Day93

    Songkran Day 1

    April 13, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 35 °C

    Well, Songkran is intense. And incredibly fun! Today is the first official day of the celebrations for the Thai New Year. The last and third day is the New Year itself and is supposed to be the wildest day. Officially, water is only supposed to be thrown from 8 to 8, and is reserved mainly for the main street along the canal. But if course there are a few who don't abide by those rules, tourists mainly.

    So after a hearty breakfast and booze buckets we went out into the thick of it and were soaked immediately. The streets were packed with people and you were able to walk faster than the cars driving along. Some people had water guns, some like myself had Buckets, some had hoses, and others had tubs of water in the back of trucks with ice in them that they threw at the people walking. There were water refill stations everywhere, my favourite one being the fire truck refilling large tanks on the street. And of course there was the canal, water was easy to take from there after we attached strings to our Buckets.

    At some point we ended up at Stamps backpackers where there was water fighting going on in the streets and tons of people partying inside, mid day of course. Wild. I couldnt even tell you how long we stayed there, but at some point we ended up eating at El Loco, the Mexican restaurant before walking back to the guesthouse. We took the back roads in hopes that we'd avoid more of the water fighting but ended up in the thick of it outside a bar where a bunch of children were super excited that a group of people would engage with them. So, we played with them a while before heading back to the guesthouse and showering away all the dirty water. We waited until it was supposed to be safe to go out again and headed for backpackers alley. We didn't stay dry for long... There were inconsiderate folk spraying people in the absolutely packed crowd. I've never seen it so busy! They had a stage set up outside and there were so many people you could hardly move. A couple of us called it quits because of the crowd and took the back roads home again.
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  • Day92

    Art in Paradise, Chiang Mai

    April 12, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 35 °C

    After the Canyon waterpark we went to the 3D art museum, Art in Paradise. It was super cool!! Good thing we hadn't bothered changing the because we were soaked on our way there yet again. Anyway, the museum was so much fun, and we were the only ones there which made it better. It was predominately paintings on the walls and floors that were interactive and they encouraged you to get right in the middle of the work and pose for photos. I took so many, but am only able to post 6 through this app so I've chosen the best ones. It was a pretty neat experience and we just had fun!

    After the museum we walked to the night bazaar and international food market that we've been to last time we were here. Jess and I were the unofficial tour guides haha. We ate some amazing food and then walked back to the hotel, also getting wet on the way by tourists throwing water around. Fun times!
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  • Day92

    Grand Canyon Hangdong Chiang Mai

    April 12, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 38 °C

    Today was another take it easy day. Bagels again breakfast after waking up on our own time, hanging around the hotel for a bit, and then off to the Grand Canyon Waterpark! That was fun. It's basically a big crater filled with water that's popular for swimming on a hot day. And for cliff jumping. I jumped once because, why not? It was very controlled and regulated. You were required to throw a life jacket down to two men who's sole job was to stay in the water and make sure you were okay when you landed in the water. You were also required to always have a life jacket near you while in the water, so we turned ours into seats and sat in the water for a few hours watching people jump. Some were crazy, diving, doing flips, going naked... Fun times! I also had a fantastic spaghetti there for lunch. Can't wait to have a bowl of Mom's when I'm home!

    On our way home the beginnings of the Songkran celebrations were underway even through they aren't supposed to start until tomorrow. We were soaked by buckets of water while sitting in the back of the truck.. The next few days should be fun!
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  • Day91

    Pool Day, Chiang Mai

    April 11, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 35 °C

    We took it easy today, which is exactly what I've been craving the last few days. Woke up at my own pace, had a leisurely breakfast at the bagel shop, got a pedicure (which was average at best) and then met up with some of the leaders to head to a pool for the day! The rest of the group left for the jungle trek today but I just wasn't into doing it a second time, and my knees are acting up again. But there are plenty of people still here to hang out with :) I can't recall the name of the hotel we went to with the pool but it was nice to just chill and swim for a while. Even though the water did turn our swimsuits green... After swimming we went back to the hotel before going out for dinner and then to backpackers alley again for a few drinks. I had a bloody mary that was decent too, only because I was able to mix it myself ;) I want more! Miss those bad boys.Read more

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