• Day3

    Early Bird Explorers

    December 16, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

    Wide awake at 1am is never fun, especially when your husband is snoring himself off the bed, quite literally! Asher actually almost fell right out of our small double bed last night. Save by fast acting wife reflexes and sleep depriving affects of jet lag.
    It was a bit of a rough morning, all of us extremely tired but still unable to sleep any longer. We were all out in the lounge room by 6am which is pretty much unheard of in our house. Outside it was still pitch black like it was midnight, sunrise wasn’t until 8am.
    We killed a bit of time taking it easy and dosing on the couch while we waiting for the sun to come up, checking out the morning news. Turns out there was an epic 50 million pound jewellery robbery right around the corner from us throughout the night.
    We showered and gathered our weary bodies and set off for the day. We hit up a few shops on High Kensington St, just near our place, walked past the scene of the previous night’s robbery, and then jumped on one of those big red buses London is famous for and headed towards those infamous squares. Piccadilly Circus was first, with a hustle and bustle of classy shops and one whopping big screen. We couldn’t resist checking out M&M world and of course LEGO world. Then it was Leicester square with it’s rows and rows of musical ticket booths. We checked out some pricing for shows we wanted to see and booked a few tickets.
    It wasn’t long before we made it down to Covent Garden, a beautiful part of town with many quaint alleyways and markets. We stopped for lunch on the beautiful street and explored some of the markets which included more mulled wine of course, and then continued on our way.
    Next up, Trafalgar Square. This enormous square was quite impressive. Named after the Battle of Trafalgar where the British navy defeated Napoleon’s French and Spanish fleets in 1805. The huge column dedicated to Lord Nelson is surrounded by 4 huge lions which were so much bigger than we thought they’d be. Very impressive!

    From there we moseyed on down to the river, stopping to check out the household calvary, the scaffold covered Big Ben (very disappointing), and of course Westminster Abbey. This place was spectacular! The sheer size, ornate architecture and simple beauty of this old building was stunning. Everywhere we go in this city we’re taken back by the incredible old buildings and architecture. It’s style has lasted through the ages and each building is so rich with history.

    We rested our weary legs overlooking the river Thames and with the sun gone by 3:30pm we decided to head back. We were all feeling pretty tired still, none of us had had much sleep and our beds were calling us once again.

    We hit up the local pub for dinner and the patisserie next door for a bit of dessert and hot chocolate before zonking out for the day. We needed a good nights sleep before the big birthday shenanigans tomorrow!

    Asher ☺️
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