• Day104

    Puttering from Jan 1st to Jan 9th

    January 7 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Over the next week or so, Auryn and I puttered around San Cristobal and enjoy economic living. 😎

    We had been sleeping in a bunk bed (sharing a single person bed to keep warm), so we invented a cute little bedroom in our tiny bunk. We wedged my iPad keyboard into a board supporting the top bunk, plugged in our head-phone splitter which, obviously, connected to two sets of headphones. Then we’d relax into our airplane pillows and could enjoy a relaxing space without disturbing our dorm mates! (Although we were giggling to Brooklyn Nine-Nine one night and this really bitchy lady (who caused a lot of grief for everyone) complained and said that she thought we were getting “handsy” which is hilarious 😂, plus it was WAY before quiet time).

    A couple other of notes:

    We saw the smallest dog I’ve ever seen. I had to use one finger to pet it’s tiny head and then it’s tiny tail starting tinyily wagging! 😭

    I worked on my Udemy music course at this amazing local café most days.

    I also tried some different local food (see pictures).
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