• Day117

    Leaving San Cristobal for Comitan

    January 20 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    At long last we finally start making our way to Guatemala by first stopping in Comitan, Mexico! Our day starts off a little rocky because Auryn was unfortunately feeling extremely nauseous and we *foolishly* decided to acquire printed copies of our COVID tests (required to enter Guatemala) on the way to our bus. The printing took much longer than expected so when we finished we had very little time to try and make our bus. We started walking as fast as we could (with all of our bags), but somehow this particular walk seemed to be mostly uphill! 😅

    We finally get to the last stretch of road before our bus station to find that the road had been entirely lifted out and was now a huge muddy and hole filled construction zone! We started trekking through the construction, but alas we had missed our bus. 😞

    Thankfully there was a colectivo station directly beside the bus station so we got into a colectivo and waited for it to fill up before finally departing to Comitan. 😊
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