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  • Day279


    January 7, 2018 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    So I kinda slept the whole night through but I woke up a good 5 times for wees and then the pillow was uncomfortable. I have since swapped with Will haha.

    We left for food. Western Europe is rapidly taking our money.
    We are trying to spend less than $50 a day but it's honestly not bloody possible.
    Our cards current exchange rate is 0.58 euro to every dollar so we are basically paying double for everything 😭😭
    Occasionally it's the low 60's
    It's bullshit lol

    We walked back to the hostel for a toilet stop then to the free walking tour meeting spot. We were meant to book an we hoped we would be allowed to participate.
    Because we were 20 mins early she let us in weeee :)

    Tour was the worst we have been on I think.
    I think the problem was it was too much info on the wrong stuff and too little on the right stuff.
    Like, he kept name dropping and I was like who the hell is this bloke?
    He gave no background on Austrian history so I understood very few connections he made.
    It still had some good bits.

    Their opera house is nice. Ours is better. The designer killed himself though because the king (I think) said it looked like a train station.
    It kind of does, just a reallllly fancy one.

    We went through several court yards. Apparently you can rent the apartments? They might be attached to the place though? I seriously don't know - I couldn't hear over people translating next to me and his accent was thick.
    There is a treasury in one section though which I reckon would have hectic crowns and stuff.
    Francis Joseph is important. Still don't know who he is - i assume a king but that was not clarified. He is everywhere though.

    Went to the biggest courtyard - that's what he called it but it wasn't enclosed so I don't consider it a courtyard... but the front of the palace (again, I think) was there and it was pretty.
    All the buildings are the same. It's pretty yet boring?
    If it was my first county I'd be blown away.
    There are a lot of green horse/rider statues around the place.

    In the distance he pointed out parliament and town hall. Both buildings looked terrific but we didn't approach... will check out another day..

    We went to a church and inside to my great delight is a mosaic replica of the last supper. I left feeling like the void Milan left has been filled. It was very very good.
    It was large and it looked like the painting so yay us.
    The church also had a cool moving nativity scene.
    Christmas decorations are still up everywhere!

    We went to what translates to Michaels square where Roman remains are in the floor.
    Looks like shit but once you say it's Roman it becomes ok hahaha
    Down the street is a horse school and the first female did a show there recently so that's great - a big step.
    Something to do with the Spanish.. 😅

    We stopped at a fountain. I don't know why.
    Maybe the main square?

    The royal family crypt is nearby which we are gonna check out tomorrow and it's somehow relevant to how a cappuccino got its name but again, and not for the last time, I don't know. The building was brown though 🤔 lol
    So the next stop was a cool one - where Mozart worked and died. its only a plaque on a building but still interesting.

    Next, another courtyard... reason unknown.
    Then St Stevens cathedral which had a hectic colour roof and is where Mozart got married. I wanna go back and see the crypt. Apparently there are intestines there lol

    The outside is pretty blackened.

    Ok so we are terrible terrible people and we then ran away from the tour without a tip. It had 2 more stops to go but we were bored.
    And the main reason - we are poor.

    The train station is cool - it has Pie across the station. 3.14.......... blah blah blah.

    Went home then popped out for dinner again.
    I only had 2 cheeseburgers and a salad the whole day and we still broke budget 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖
    Like honestly it's not possible.
    Will got a schnitzel and it was disgusting. They don't do chicken here - weirdos - so he got pork and made himself eat it but has felt funny since. At least it came with potato salad so he had something else to eat.

    Our waiter was a goose. He corrected my English...
    I was like uhm please. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
    I asked if the salad came with sauce?
    He goes do you mean dressing? It's called dressing not sauce......

    Is can be called both but whatevssss.

    At the end he was like tip not included.
    I did not tip hhhahaha sucker.
    The food sucked. He sucked.

    Home now. Had a nap and its currently 2am and I'm ready to go back down I think hah

    I also messaged Vicki to ask if Austria sells taco. Her answer was promising but she is checking her supermarket tomorrow. Hahahhh
    She is too nice.

    Chick in the room is sleep talking and it's weird.
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