February 2018 - November 2019
  • Nov9

    Jess' 30th

    November 9 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Drove up yesterday and had a night of chatting.

    Currently waiting for our bus to take us to our HORSE AND CARRIAGE.
    There are only 4 of us because 2 people dropped out.

    I stepped onto the carriage and to my utter DELIGHT there was a dog on board.
    My gasp would have been audible 100m away.
    Our horses name was Bonnie and the dogs was Heidi, who was a chihuahua. I love her 😭😭😭
    clip clip clip clip off we went to the first place - the McGuigan winery.
    I am in disbelief. I liked 80% of the wines. And I mean actually enjoyed not just class them as drinkable.
    Our server lady was called Margot and I think she had just the right level of passion. It wasn’t too much passion that it became unrelatable but she still definitely knew her shit.
    We were there for ages and because he were such a small group we tried like 10 wines. I have learnt today I like dessert wines.
    I ended up buying 3 different bottles of things - as did Jess.
    Clip clip to the next winery we went through the back roads of the vineyards which was pretty.
    The Tamburlaine winery is all organic and next door.
    We had our own private seating area. Our host lady was lovely but the wines were bloody shit except for the dessert wines again. Loving the muscrat dessert wines at both places.
    I’m very glad for the tin we could put what we didn’t want to drink into.
    I hate the dry ones.
    No one bought anything here - we then went
    went to lunch - on the way Cass, Jess and I all had a turn driving the carriage (let’s be honest the horse did everything itself) but still was super responsive - I clicked my tounge as a joke and it started to trot. Oops haha. Jess wasn’t wearing a bra. Bad planning Jessica .😂
    Wonderful little Heidi just sat in her box. The greatest dog.
    We ate at a Thai/Japanese place. Very good food actually.
    We then went to a cheese tasting place. Some truly delicious cheeses but I didn’t buy any cause I just felt if I was honest with myself I wouldn’t use them. We tried about 5. Helen and Jess bought the cow feta with garlic and sun dried tomatoes - my favourite one we tried so I’m hoping they use it for a family dinner one night haha.
    The shop had lots of sauces and jams etc which all look terrific and some were super random flavours like passion fruit butter. You could spend a fortune in there.
    Next door was a chocolate shop we also went into and all came out with something lol.
    I got peanut butter rocky road and PB fudge.
    We did also get like a little sampler thing there too.
    We then popped back to the Roche Estate which is where we had lunch and went to the Tempus two cellar. This one had the worst atmosphere of the lot. The other places hosts all had opinions and could say I like this one or I personally don’t lik this one. The vibe I got from this place was that if our lady said she didn’t like a wine she would get the can. Very business, very fake feeling. In saying that I liked their dessert wine here - everything was starting to taste the same though lolz.
    Next our final wine tasting - a place within the hunter valley gardens. Name to come.
    Wines were a no but we did chocolate sampling with them that when combined was bloody delicous. I ended up buying the lime chocolate. So randomly YUM.
    We also tried caramel vodka, mango and butterscotch liquor and their version of baileys all really good - I wanted to buy the mango and caramel but again couldn’t justify it. I did buy the lime chocolate though.
    These place suck you in cause they don’t sell the stuff they give you in store so it’s a now or never situation.
    You can order but it’s a 6 bottle minimum I believe.
    Everywhere we stopped everyone was so excited about Bonnie the horse.
    I think Jess had a great time and that’s the main thing.
    I had a bloody terrific day too!
    We got dropped back at the hotel (crowne plaza) at 4:45ish and went to our VILLA. For a while we all just chilled out on our phones having down time. It’s a big bloody day.

    I made up a cheese/meats/biscuit plates which we chomped down.

    We played board games all night. We played articulate, spot it, pictionary, the chocolate game and X rated charades.

    Had a fabulous time. So many laughs.
    Articulate is definitely one of my favourites if not favourite game.
    Pictionary wasn’t thaaaaat fun cause it was too easy.
    Spot it was great - definitely going to buy - it fucks with your brain. Great way to keep it sharp I reckon. Hard to explain. It’s kinda like snap but with pictures?

    The chocolate game was fucked - at first we were all trying to be as quick as possible to get the chocolate. By the end we were all being purposely slow cause we felt sick and didn’t want to eat anymore. We ended up with 3 squares left. We just couldn’t eat anymore.

    Charades wasn’t as good as expected. Would be hilarious if drunk and people didn’t give a fuck and just acted it full out.
    Helen acted out multiple orgasms though and I can’t unsee it OR unhear it.
    Jess got it on film too. Just wow.

    Just lots of laughs and comfort - me and cass set up our doonas and blankets on the floor.

    Will is currently looking after Jaxon and is done.
    “It feels like I have been working”
    I am sympathetic but at the same time I’m like well yeah? That’s what every house wife in the history of the universe has said. Raising kids isn’t a paid job but it’s a bloody job. Exhausting little things, children. Also why childcare is a hard industry even if not academic.
    Just got back from doing a mad vom. Ate too much cheese I reckon hahaha.

    I have had a truly terrific day!
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  • Oct5

    Nanas 90th

    October 5 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Thrilled to see the little lady again.
    I gave her here present - Yak wool socks and Nepalese tea bags.
    We went to little fish for her party - she wanted to be late so she could make an entrance 😂 she didn say it outright but she made this desire clear.
    She bloody loved walking in lol.
    I gave everyone an awkward hug - Micah got a big genuine one.
    Will didn’t come because - originally he was coming but then in Feb we got the whole “she has 3 months to live” notice meaning there wasn’t going to be a party so he made other plans.
    It was Toms bucks party so a bloody good reason.
    It was good food and good company.
    Elise has photographer friend she organized to tak picture which was lovely.
    We all got some wonderful pics with Nan.
    I’m sure she felt famous and was soaking in the attention haha.
    Beyond pleased with the photo of me and Nana together. I love it.
    Afterwards we went to Lynley’s got dips and breads etc.
    One by one people left until it was just Micah, John, Lynley and I. We chatted for hours. When I got home Nana was asleep. She had a terrific day. Se said she felt so happy and full which was lovely to hear. She said she was responsible for all these people and thought it was wonderful.
    Thanks for having sex nan?

    We didn’t do a sappy goodbye when we parted this time. I didn’t need her too. We know we love each other.
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  • Jul8


    July 8 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Up by 8:30 left by 9.
    Will was receiving 1000000 work calls and texts.

    We drove straight to the Mona museum.
    It only opened at 10 though. So we waited in our heated car for 20.
    I really liked the outside. Funny signs and beautiful views over the water. I really like the houses, they are all slightly different colours including roof colours. Adds to the view.

    View art pieces outside which were nice.
    I liked that they had a bin for worm food.
    We are at the museum cafe - total extortion. $15 for 1 bacon and egg roll.

    So Bea recommended the museum cause it had a wall of vaginas which obviously piped my interest.

    So our overall assessment is the museum is total shit.
    If entry was free and the fee wasn’t $28 it would receive a 3/5 star rating if I was generous.
    As it happened it cost us $60 and so rating is a solid -10
    And the vagina exhibit wasn’t there..... Devastated.
    It was modern art.
    One was a white bowl on a brown chair with a butchers knife in the bowl of water. In the water was 2 goldfish.
    Another was a stick.
    A literal stick from a tree leaned up against a wall.

    I could do this.

    Some artworks were nice but it was all much smaller than I expected.
    At least it’s done and I don’t have to wonder.
    No needs to go back.

    We drove to the airport and are waiting for our flight which is naturally delayed hahah.

    Nothing exciting to report. Made it home alive... evntually.
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  • Jul7

    Tasmania - Cradle Mountain

    July 7 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

    It is such an effort to write this. We have had a MAMMOTH day.

    So first up, we obviously got up. 😅
    We packed and left about 8:20 deciding to find food on the way.
    It’s about a 2.5 hour drive to cradle mountain.
    Man oh man was it foggy this morning!
    There was an astonishing amount of roadkill. The majority were wallabies - ever 50m or so. The crows LOVED IT. Lol.
    Stopped in some random town which probs has a population of 200. For a pre made bacon and egg roll. Nothing to brag about but It did it’s job.

    Eventually got to the visitors center. Had a bit more food, bought our entry ticket to the park $16 each (includes parking and bus ride)

    We caught the bus to the last stop which took 20 minutes and began our walk.
    Right so. Fuck me 😂😂😂
    We were going to walk around dove lake but then Will decided we would climb to Marion’s lookout which was of course the only hike that had been allocated the “difficult” rating.
    Literally 60000 stairs. I had to have a break and rip of my jacket. I will avoid wearing skin tight clothes at ALL COST and I only had a unbelievable tight and UNFLATTERING thermal on underneath but I still took my coat off. #dead
    The view from halfway was beautiful. The lake was magnificent from all angles- low and high.
    And so began the chains...
    this was some heavy duty Norwegian shit.
    This was a natural rock formation path not some boardwalk crap - granted there was the occasional boardwalk but man oh man.

    This was the only part of the day I had to have breaks.

    Once we got to the top - or at least what I though was the top we took some great pictures. We then kept walking and originally reached Marion’s lookout. Stunning 😭😭
    Will took over backpack duty to my delight.
    Had a view of crater lake too.
    Picked out another random route from our map and off me went. We didn’t have time to do the summit - it looked exactly how I imagine Mount Everest. Literally vertical.
    We walked over the Face track which was the easier part and reminded me of when we drove through Norway.
    There was some ice and snow patches. I got will with a snow ball heh.

    What else can I say? It was pretty. Very pretty. There was cool orange moss patches and beautiful creeks and streams. We then got to the Lake Wilks track and this was a total cunt. But I will highlight the best thing ever - as I was walking along I came across a wombat. I have never seen a wild wombat before!!
    I was so excited but it was blocking our path for like 10 minutes and we were stressed cause we had a bus to catch and we were rapidly running out of time.
    we snuck past it. It was so unconcerned by our presence. Just eating and scratching. So freaking cute. And fat. 😍
    We originally didn’t just walk straight pass cause they can be aggressive.
    This walk back down was ridiculous. No safety feature. Could have died multiple times and it was even more stressful cause we had to do it fast. There was no more buses after 4.
    I slipped on my ass a few times and our feet kept getting stuck in tree roots. Basically we went rockclimbing not hiking haha

    Walking through the ballroom section (it was called something ballroom) was beautiful, very mossy, with fallen trees. Damp rainforests vibes.

    Walking and running praying to make the bus.

    And then we got a text saying our flight had been cancelled....
    just get to the bus and then sort it....

    So many stairs 😂😭

    Saw 3 more wombats on the drive back to the visitors centre. We were SORE. and smelly. Verrryyyy smelly. I told Will to put his arms down hahaha

    Had to return to Launceston Airport to return car and organise a new flight.

    The drive back was FUCKED. I have never, NEVER seen such fog. It’s like we were in a literal cloud. Visibility was like when you fly threw cloud on a airplane. We had high beams on and could see 10m infront MAX.
    So stressful. The potential for jumping wildlife added to the danger.
    We did make it after 2.5hours. Shattered.

    Right so went to organise a new flight first - next flight from Launceston was 2 days away..... Will was so unimpressed and being a prick to the jetstar guy. Wasn’t his fault so I told him to shut it lol. He was stressed cause he had work stuff.
    All flights from the airport were cancelled cause of the fog. Frankly it was fair enough. But because so many flights had been cancelled all the next ones were already booked out.
    It’s a very long and complicated story but we decided to fly out of Hobart tomorrow instead.
    We made the decision to drive down tonight. Or I more encouraged this decision.
    We booked the hire car for another day and off we went.
    Genuine miracle we made it alive.
    It took nearly 3 hours to get to our hotel which I booked on the way which was super dodgy on the outside (apart of a pub) but inside was great. Small but comfortable and clean.
    Lucky the owners were still there cause we got there at 11pm and office hours close at 8.
    We would have been stranded on a regular night.

    We both crashed!
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  • Jul6

    Tasmania - Wine tour

    July 6 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    We amused the idea that we might go to the wetlands for a walk but we be tired haha.
    We got up at 9:30 - the bistro buffet was $26 each so we have that a miss and drove down to a cafe a short drive away. Average food but we couldn’t venture too far cause we were getting picked up at 10:40 for our wine tour.
    Got collected. Our driver was Terry. We were the second pair collected and had to go get 2 other groups before we drove out to the first vineyard - pipers brook. The other 2 groups were 4 drunk girls from Launceston and 2 old couples from Melbourne.
    It was about a 45 minute drive.
    Tasmania country side reminds us of wales.
    - we got a quick history lesson on the drive - Launceston is the 3rd oldest Australian city.

    When there we were given 6 different wine samples. The lady serving us was grossly passionate. She taught us a lot and frankly I understood maybe 6%.
    All I got is wine making is complicated.
    I liked 3/6 but didn’t like any enough that I had to buy.
    I felt tipsy by drink 4. Not a good start hahah
    We then had lunch (included in your package) - I got a nibbles board and will got duck spring rolls. Good food but I was still a little hungry. Got another whole free glass of wine too.
    I learnt this cool cork trick where you swap the corks - can’t explain and will forget buy it entertained me on the bus.
    The group was awkward with each other at first but the wine really helped us bond lol.
    Next stop was the jansz vineyard which was literally next door.
    Disliked all the wine. We had 4 samples and then got a free glass. I had to return my glass I just couldn’t drink it - it was all bubble shit.

    Next was Delamere vineyard which was my favourite. Not as pretty as the first 2 because it didn’t have vines after vines but the 6 wines we got were smooth. Granted I was loosing my taste but I know 100% it was better than the last place.
    Final place was clover hill and had the best views. Got a cheese platter and everyone was very chatty by this point.

    Bartender said to one chick
    “I assume by this time you know what transfer method is?”
    And she replied
    “No but I know why menopause is”
    ... what??? Hahahah his face was brilliant.

    The drunk girls were off to a 21st and talking about getting passion pop and a goon bag. Glad to hear this mainland culture extends to our island hahah
    One of the old bird was called Karen and she was brilliant. A walking stereotype of her name and had the best smokers laugh.

    Got dropped off last around 6. We mentioned to Terry, our driver we were gonna get an Uber from our hotel to Bronte’s parents house for dinner but he informed us Uber’s didn’t reach that far and offered to drive us for free. Bless his socks. Saved us $30.
    So basically he dropped us of at the hotel - went somewhere for 20 minutes then came back and got us.
    5/5 stars of TripAdvisor.

    Dropped of at Bea’s and John’s. There house was up to their regular standard 😅
    Bronte’s boyfee cooked ya this delicious lamb pie thing.
    When we had finished eating we went out for a drink - Bea drove us.
    It is weird knowing I won’t see John again.
    He is a lovely, genuine man.
    Bea was so touching and loving with me we had a snuggle on the couch. Don’t even do that with my real mum haha

    Had a few cocktails with Chris and Bronte chatting about different stuff. We are politically polar opposites so I tried to avoid it but classic Will likes to push buttons.

    We caught an Uber back to the hotel ( Uber from city not a problem)
    I felt sick so I watched Wimbledon til I fell asleep.

    Great day!
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  • Jul5

    Tasmania - Launceston

    July 5 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Day 1.
    So I had planned to leave the house at 5.
    At 4:50 Will is like “hmm, I better pack”
    Sometimes I could kill him.

    Will drove, bless him. I had pre arranged for us to park In the blue emu carpark. It was cheaper than getting an Uber there and back.
    They sent me a bar code. The idea was to have an easy morning but naturally our bar code wouldn’t scan.. Will was not in the mood and yelling at the machine. I told him to press the help button a solid 5 times before he did. Bloody men.
    Found a good car spot and only had to wait maybe 5 minutes for the shuttle bus to take us to the airport.
    Airport was randomly busy for 6am.
    Had a fun time at airport security. I borrowed dads bag and there was a hidden deodorant can in it.
    I just had to wait a while but poor dude next me was done with the workers. They were like slugs. No rush and no communication as to why your luggage isn’t being returned.
    Dude next me had the most random assortment of items - books, lights, mini art easels.
    They wanted him to open his box of books and he was like I can if you give me a key or knife. So he asked another security dude do you have a key or knife - the man nodded - the dude was like ok well can I borrow it? The the security guy said “we aren’t allowed to carry those things”
    Dude was like THEN WHY DID YOU NOD.

    “You need to calm down sir”
    Enjoyed watching this spectical.

    We got breakfast then headed to our gate.
    They weighed our bags. We were 0.5kg over but lovely lady let us in.

    Got the window seat and Will was stuck in the middle.
    We both slept.
    Flying is better when not alone.

    Landed. Airport security is POOR HAHA. Port Macquarie has better security lol.

    Literally enclosed by 1 climbable fence.

    We had a giggle as when you enter the exit hall you have to go through some high tech tunnel thing.
    Blew the budget on them 😂 haha.

    I had organised a hire car. We decided to up the insurance to the middle level.
    Car is fine. Small little blue thing but does it’s job.
    We drove to Launceston city centre. More like town centre.
    It was like a combo of Tamworth, Townsville and Eastern Europe. 80% of shops were shut for no reason. Very odd.

    We walked to the city park. We entered through the “Frank Dowse” entrance. Exciting cause Dowse is so uncommon.

    The park was lovely. It did have the most random
    Monkey exhibit though. The Japanese ones that cope with cold.
    Apparently there has been animals on displays for eons and they did pick an animal suited to the climate but unless it’s conservation related I don’t really like animals as show ponies. Totally unnecessary.

    There was also a cute little conservatory/greenhouse thing which was nice. Also a chess set, duck pond and a kids train tooting about.
    Also noteworthy were the clean public toilets. My one even had a sharps disposal bin.
    We kept strolling around the streets. It’s really nice.
    Popped into have a quick feed at this health food store and a hot choccy next door cause it’s pretty bloody cold. We were expecting worse but still crisp.

    Will wanted his bloody coffee milk so we found a Woolworths and had to buy him a razor too.
    Walked back to the car and headed to Cataract Gorge reserve.
    Glad we drove cause it was up the mountain.
    We decided to get the chairlift across - why not? It’s a holiday :)
    We got a return ticket but only ended up using it one way.
    It had a sign saying
    “Worlds longest single chairlift span”
    The lift was slow but had a good view.
    There were a lot of random trails to take - we first walked up to the Alexandra lookout. It said it was 15 mins away and steep.
    It might take 15 for people with one leg but it took us 2.
    Lovely view over the gorge.
    Walked back down and crossed over the bridge. Lovely view up the gorge/canyon - don’t know technical term - the water between the mountains lol.
    We chose to do another walk to the sentinel lookout. An estimated 50 minute return trip. This estimate was much more accurate. Ha.

    Lovely walk. I find uneven walkways more fun although you do miss some of the scenery cause you are busy watching your step.
    It was just very peaceful and a nice temperature for excersise. The last part was very steep but we got there and the lookout was lovely.

    Walk walk back.

    We could check in til 2 but it was now 1 so we headed over. It was about a 20 minute drive.
    We were still early so we passed time by checking out the Swiss village next door which was cute and had cool kids stuff I entertained myself with like a big pirate ship and big bouncing pillow.

    We checked in and crashed out for 3 hours. We like our hut thing but it has no internet.

    Relaxed for ages cause we actually did a shit tonne of walking today.

    Eventually went and got dinner from the bistro next door. Expensive but good food.

    We booked a wine tour for tomorrow :)

    Will just farted in his hand and threw it in my face.

    This took me so long to write - writing it during the adds to Mr & Mrs Smith.
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  • Jun28

    Melbourne - Bronte fight night

    June 28 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    So the alarm first went off at 4am.
    But did I get up then?

    Of course not.
    4.50 came around really fast and so it was a quick dash to get dressed before meeting the Uber outside for 5:05 - I ordered it last night.

    First Uber ride ever. Well first ride I’ve organised and used my account for.
    My driver was nice and efficient and I was at the airport by 550 for my 7am flight.
    A standard McDonald’s breakfast was had and the usual waiting for boarding.
    On the plane was next to this big Mauri bloke who was squashed in. He was half in my seat. Sigh.

    Didn’t crash. Always a positive.

    I accidentally bought flights to the wrong airport so I had pre purchased a shuttle bus ticket for $25 each way. Which I thought was great cause it’s an hour drive away.
    Shuttle bus was non eventful except for when I made a dick of myself trying to figure out how to work the charge points. They were rectangle and so I actually though to myself “that’s weird they have European charge points on an Australian bus” - and then I made the realization (after I had tried to maneuver my charge point 6 different angles that it was cause it was for the USB part. WOW ANGHARAD.
    Melbourne looked very scenic as we drove in.
    Once I got dropped off I walked to the travel lodge where Bronte’s parents are staying - they weren’t there at the time but it was easy for both of us to get to.
    We had brunch along the water.
    We have very different political views. I was so aware i was in Melbourne.
    I Kept my mouth shut !! Hahahaha
    The pancakes I had were delicious and very hipster in presentation lol.
    I paid for her meal as she paid for my fight night ticket.

    Background info.
    Bronte’s dad has cancer from asbestos poisoning and was given 9-12 months to live in January.
    Her dad loves boxing so she has been training for weeks for this fight night. I think you do 2-3hrs a day, 6 days a week for 8-12 weeks.
    A fuck no from me.
    She is giving the $3000 from tickets to cancer research.

    Walked around the city before meeting up with her parents at some cafe thing where they were with another couple. The man was the most inappropriate man I have interacted with in a looooooong time.
    Legit 5 seconds after I met him he put his arm around me asked if I liked older men and if I wanted a lollie *winks*
    He essentially made me request a drink for him to buy. I said no about 7 times before I said hot chocolate.

    Kept leaning in to talk to me making sex jokes.
    Bronte did warn me but I was still shocked. People don’t normal meet up to expectations but he surpassed it. It was no snowflake getting offended. He was baaaaaad.
    Granted he was like 80 but a still a big NOPE.

    I borrowed Bea’s myki card so I could catch the tram - Bronte wanted to get braids for her fight. We ducked in to the markets real quick while we were waiting for her appointment. I was buggered by this stage so I didn’t stay for the hair appointment, instead I jumped back on the tram and rode it to close to my hotel.
    Check in was easy - I then had a 2 hour power nap.
    I love hotels. I think it’s the fresh linen.

    Delightful nap.
    Aren’t they always?

    Did not want to get up.
    Extreeeeeeme motivation was needed to get dressed. I had organised to meet Bronte’s family back at the travel lodge - about 2km away.

    Melbourne is much nicer this time around. I think it’s because I’m not lost. Hahaha

    I like the art shit around the place.

    Anyway met Bea, John and Ryan - Ryan drove us to the venue - John had to wear a mask cause his immune system is so shitty - he had to spend yesterday in the hospital too - wasn’t sure if he was gonna make It but he did which I’m THRILLED about.
    Him watching her is the most important thing I think. We had a backup plan of video calling during the fight If need be.
    We randomly got ringside seats. Well it’s not random for them as her parents but random for me. I was ok haha sure why not.
    She was the 3rd fight. It’s 3 rounds of 2 mins.
    First fight I was so embarrassed by the first girl she was okay acting like the people do on the Telly. It was like ok calm down love. So cringe - BUT THEN BLOODY BRONTE CAME OUT AND DID THE SAME THING


    Long story short - she bloody smashed it. The clear winner.
    I had a giggle to myself cause her fight face is EXACTY the same as when she use to hit me in the car or when I would hit her.
    I was like “I know this face” hahaha
    Her opponent was her training buddy which she was pleased about - she only found out who she was fighting yesterday.

    I am so bloody happy she won.
    And when she dedicated the fight to her dad I teared up.
    Bea and John also has to wipe their eyes. Bronte goy emotional but held it together til she came around and hugged her dad. He held her so tight. It was a very special moment.

    We watched a few more fights. The men were disgusting and I got hit with so much sweat. Unimpressed hahah.

    I made the call to go home early with B’a fam rather than go to the after party cause I don’t want her to feel like she has to baby sit me. The night is for her. I dont know anyone else. I don’t know the city or have a plan to get home. Melbourne is dangerous at night at the moment and frankly I’ll save money.
    Ryan dropped me off at my hotel and I’ve been in bed ever since.
    Sydney is colder than Melbourne at the moment but my room isn’t particularly warm. In fact the bed sheets are still tucked in - gotta be some sort of record for me.

    Oh awkwarddddddddd moment with the last fight.

    They announced the winner as the red corner so the dude put up his hand but the umpire raised the other guys hand so both men celebrated before the blue corner guy finally realised. AWKWARD.
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  • Apr20


    April 20 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Will drove the jag up. Privately thrilled because he wont let me drive it so he drove the whole way. YIpyip.
    On the way Will pulled in to buy some choccy milk at a servo and mum suddenly became very frantic and explained that this is not the correct maccas so we shouldnt/couldn’t stop at this one.
    Can’t change routine... undiagnosed autistic.
    She chilled out once he explain he was only getting milk not McDonald’s. Lol
    I had a wee nap and holy hell i woke up from the most painful pins and needles. Always become so incapacitated by it. Would die first in a horror film.
    Had maccas in CORRECT maccas.
    Arrived in port and gave Nana a big kiss.
    We just sat around for ages. Just enjoyed being in her company.
    She cooked us hot cross buns. Even though I was full I forced myself to eat one to please her. These damn buns were the theme of the trip. She bought like 24.
    I love her. She is straight out ridiculous and just goes off on random tangents or just doesn’t understand but talks anyway.
    Classic example was I was talking about the bakery Andrea took us to in Norway and she was like oh yes i know the exact shop they sell the best pies...
    Once the story was cleared out she was terrible disappointed we didn’t buy any pies on the way up.

    Me and Will went over to Lynley’s for a nap - we left at 5 in the morning so we tired.
    4 hours later...
    Popped back over to Nana’s.
    I order red rooster and Will went to see Joey.
    Me mum and Nana watched some of her crappy soaps.
    Emmerdale was a double feature 😒
    Went back to Lynley’s to sleep in her MARVELOUS bed.
    Lynley’s artworks are fcuked. It was like devil people with black eyes. Not relaxing to sleep next to lol.

    In the morning we went for walk towards town but it started to rain so we ducked into the bowls club.
    Average food.
    On the way how we bought some cute fox towels from bed bath and table. Love it.

    Nana is on on crack. I bloody love her. She goes off on random tangents that no one can follow.
    2 topic were on repeat the whole weekend.
    Nana hoping and wondering if it was gonna rain on her plants and constantly Reminding people she bought hot cross buns.
    She has too lorikeets that she feeds honey bread to everyday which brings her joy.

    All my life Nana has gone on about dolphins in the canals but I had never seen any.
    I think it was a mum and it’s baby cause one was quite small. Very pleased to finally see

    Kevin visited. Kevin is the man that lived next to nana. He has recently gone to a home.
    It was hilarious watching them interact.
    Kevin is blind, deaf and has mild dementia.
    They just yelled at each other repeating the same things over and over.
    It really highlighted how many marbles nana still has left. She is very cognitively present.

    We all went out for lunch.
    we rode in the jag to Nana’s delight.
    Nana has been having issues with her chair stair lift thing.
    When we arrived nana noticed a car with relevant signage and before the people could get out of the car she was by their window harassing them for info.
    We went in the resturant. Nice spot by the water.
    The food was good but nothing to write home about.
    We all enjoyed giving out leftovers to the birds and a big water dragon near our table.

    We were talking about plans and nana made an awkward “I’ll be dead in August” comment.
    Nana stated she wanted a photo with me. The love in my heart 😍😍😍
    For them out the front of the resturant. LOVE the photo.
    On the drive home nana made comment I should look around the house for things I want.
    I said the house teapot - she said it was engagement present from aunty Katie - lylas sister.
    Love that it has sentimental value.
    And the brooch from pupas funeral that he bought her for her 18th.
    When we got home it took 15+ minutes to get Nana in the house cause the seat wouldn’t work. She eventually kicked and it worked again.
    Nana is our of breath a lot.

    Nana had a nap and we went to the beach.
    Couldn’t believe it it but IT WAS PIPPI SEASON.

    Pitty we didn’t bring a bucket. Still, I’m an expert catcher hehe.

    I Hope our future dog likes water like some of the dogs we saw on the beach.
    When I got home nana asked if I brought home and pippis - I said no and she said “ well I have a pippi for you” then handed me the broach.
    Mum is the one who told her I wanted it. Not me.
    Apparently she was impressed by my memory.

    She told a lot of story and repeated her desire for rain.

    Favourite stories are when she tried to sell the house without telling pupa.
    And her TERRIBLE negotiating skills over a wardrobe.
    Person: “its $1200”
    Nana: “I’ll give you $1500”

    We were talking about something - let’s say football - and nana pipes in
    “That’s what I was talking about hot cross buns”

    ... what.

    Totally irrelevant

    We had sandwiches for dinner.
    I Got sick at Lynley’s and was so uncomfortable cause Lynley would have been aware the amount of times and the time spent in the toilet lol.

    Sunday morning - easter.
    He is risen.

    We had Hot cross buns lol
    Said bye to Nana
    She must also think she won’t see me again

    She hugged Will and mum then me
    She didn’t let me go and before I said I love you sahe said it first which suprised me cause she didn’t say it to mum.
    I almost scream it at her every time I see her in case it’s the last time but the speech that followed caught me so off guard.

    She said.
    I love you.
    I’m proud of you.
    Of all my 6 your most like me
    Your sentimental
    You pull faces
    You’re kind
    You are like me.
    I love them all but you are most like me.

    She basically said I was her favourite grandchild.

    Fuck me.

    I gave her one last hug on the bridge and told her I better see her again.
    She said “you will”

    I pray it’s true.
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  • Mar23

    Moving day!

    March 23 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Today involves so much driving and moving around.
    I went from Epping - West Ryde - Gladesville - Epping - Asquith - Epping - Gladesville- West Ryde - Gladesville - Asquith - West Ryde to Gladesville.
    We are bloody buggered.

    So we went in to sign the lease at 8:15 this morning. Pretty straight forward I think.
    We got given the keys - the garage door buzzer is the size of a brick. Very impractical. Lol
    We then drove to gladesville to have a look at the apartment - someone had left a wee in our toilet 😅- we drove back to get dad to then went on to pick up the moving truck from Asquith/Hornsby. Dad got in the truck with Will - I watched them drive home in my mirrors the whole way to make sure they were doing ok - they were really slow and we accidentally took the road trucks can’t go on but once your on you can’t get off... hehe oh well.
    Bit too windy for trucks haha.

    Once home the team plan was the men who actually have upper body strength were to bring the boxes out to the truck then I would maneuver them into position inside the truck.
    It took ages and every one was covered in sweat.
    It was exactly what you’d think - just moving boxes around.
    Once the truck was full we drove to gladesville - I was so excited to show mum and dad the apartment.
    such a TA DA moment. So pleased with ourselves hahah.
    We had some lunch before we unpacked the truck. The effort was real. 😂😂

    Once all the stuff was in mum and dad went home.
    Will went to his house to get the mattress but I got a call saying he had hurt his arm and needed help so I drove over to West Ryde. We packed up the tv and mattress and drove over to gladesville again.
    I was getting really over driving places haha

    Even though Will had a sore arm he got fed up with my uselessness at the halfway mark and carried the stuff himself hahaha.

    Right. Next up was returning the truck. Boooooo
    I was falling asleep. I wasn’t sleepy. I was TIRED. Most of the time I think I’m sleepy - this was felt in my bones lol.

    We drove back to Hornsby to drop off the truck then stopped in at Beecroft to order Chinese food on the way back to West Ryde to get the remaining stuff.

    Our final leg: back to gladesville.
    Fk me what a big day.

    Will was on furniture making.
    Harry was on unpacking boxes.

    We both called it a night around 10:30.
    Exhausted. Hardly made a dint 😂😭😅

    Love our new apartment though! 🤗
    More fun tomorrow!
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  • Feb17


    February 17 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    Ashley, Emily, Michelle and I went to TGIFridays at Macquarie for dinner and drinks.
    Emily organised with the staff for them to do an mortifyingly loud an embarrassing birthday performance for me in front of the whole resturant. Its just so awkward. Like where are you meant to look? But judging off conversations I’ve had with others - I don’t think anyone has figured out how to act or where to look 😅😅
    It was pulled off very well cause I saw them walk in with a cake but completely forgot about it until it got brought out.

    We went down to ice skating. Michelle and Ashley hadn’t never done it before so I was extra excited. Ashley got it quickly, Michelle stayed friends with the wall.

    I got a whopper of a blister but did well enough :)
    We had so much fun. Everyone enjoyed it not just me so that was extra special for me.
    We went back up for cocktails at TGIFridays. Michelle left and Em’s mum came to pick us up to take us back to her house.

    We got a lot of blankets and made a fort. Loved it. Didn’t look nearly as good as the ones from the movies though haha.

    They bought me a salt lamp for my present. LOVE IT.
    we watched silence of the lambs and then passed out.

    In the morning Em’s mum served us a feast - bloody Europeans!! 😂

    Mum is away because Nana is in the hospital so my bday dinner got cancelled. It’s fine though, I’m just glad someone is with Nana.

    Side story: mum called me say Thursday night to tell me Nana was sick in the hospital with possible phnemonia. This is extra serious because of her leukemkia so I asked her if I should prep myself and She said yes.
    So the next day dad texts me and goes “you need to call mum”
    And I thought to myself
    This is it. She had died.
    So I removed myself from the lounge room and found a private room bracing for the news.
    ...Mum just wanted to tell me Nana was in the hospital and she was going to Port over the weekend.

    Fuck me.

    It’s obvious to me now but may not be if I read this when 70... mum use to lose her memory once she had taken her sleeping pills. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    They bought me a camera for my birthday for me to take to Everest. blessed!! ❤️❤️

    Will took me out to dinner at hurricanes. ❤️
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