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    September 18, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    Last day wooooooooooooo!
    We had breakfast then headed into London to drop the car back off. Our gps said it would take 30 minutes - it took over an hour and a half because of the ridiculousness that is London. Can't deal. Get me out.
    We returned the car and were not sure if Jess has to pay for Damage - they gave her a receipt that noted the dent but didn't say anything so we left.... they dont have a credit card on file for her though - only a debit card with no money in it lol.???
    We headed towards Harrods through Hyde park. I walked through that damn park for hours with Shelly but still didn't recognized the section I was in today.
    Harrods was a bore. I told them it would be butJess really wanted to see it. It was full of ugly stuff that I wouldnt buy even if I had the money. The sweets room was probably the funkiest.
    We couldn't even walk into the perfume bit because it was so overbearing and toxic!!
    We caught 2 underground trains to then go to Camden markets.
    It was a stupid layout but had some cool shops. Me and Jess couldn't not be more different in our dress styles. She was keen for all the goth shops with skulls, lace and corsets.
    She use to be one of those ridiculous goth people theough high school and she told me she wore a goth outfit to her year 10 formal AND AND AND took with her a stuffed dog attached to a lead 😂😂😂😂 SCREAMING HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    We would not have been friends.

    We had lunch and it was pretty good for markets.
    I went to a vegan shop that sold bacon though ......? I ate it and I'm 99% it was pig and not the fake natural ingredient stuff.

    No one bought anything but we walked around for ages.

    Caught 3 trains home but on the last train it was lucky we had a nice ticket inspector because we did it wrong... we were on the overground - all other overground have taken Oyster cards but not this one apparently.
    We explained that we re tapped on and he was really nice about it. He let us buy our tickets from him rather than charge us a fare evasion fee. It was 23£ for the 3 of us 😒
    He got off at our station with us because he approached us just as we were arriving at St. Albans where we needed to get off.
    Damn ticket gates were open when we arrived - if he was just a minute later we wouldn't have had to pay lol

    We walked 6 km home and Jess was less than impressed. They started to bicker again and I told them to shut up. Lol

    We had dinner and then went to the hotel to pack.
    Jess has taken some of my souvenirs - only my books she couldn't fit and yet somehow I found it harder than usual to close my bag.

    We took it in turns to mind little man because he likes to unpack.

    I took him down to reception with me to get a sewing kit and print of our boarding passes. He walked the whole way down and had a blast! He was so excited to go on a little adventure!! He was so puffed when he got back ha

    I took him for a few more laps down the corridor becusse he had so much fun hah.

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    September 17, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Was woken by the child..
    went down for breakfast but it wasn't as good as the last holiday inn we stayed in. No hashbrowns 😒went upstairs and tried to log into Skype to talk to mum and dad but the computer wouldn't log onto the internet so then I tried downloading the app but for security reasons it sent me a text to confirm it was me.. I hate this country and all it's stupid systems.
    Told dad to get in Facebook and I'd call him through there - the connection was bad but we got through woohoo!
    Chat chat chat. Spent the whole conversation sitting on a toilet to escape Jaxon.

    Jess and Will then had a freaking humongous fight and ruined the rest of the day.

    Don't even want to record it - basically whole day spent in angry silence. We arrived to our next hotel and Jess walked off saying she would meet us back in 2 hours.
    Fuck me. Can they leave already?
    She is angry she has had to pay for everything and do the organizing
    BUT BUT BUT we offered her the $1000 and she said no.
    I also organised a Bnb which was unacceptable for her standards so we had to move..
    Hence why I stopped organizing and why we can't afford anything because her standards do not match our budget.
    It was so uncomfortable because I understand both sides.
    The fight started because Jaxon hit Wills nose - like really? Pick a better issue to make me sit through the most UNCOMFORTABLE day.

    When we met back up there seemed to be an unspoken agreement to be civil and a verbal one between me and Will because I told him to pull his head in and stop provoking her.
    Being siblings is not a good enough reason to make my day so shit.

    We spent time in the hotel, organised airport transfers for in 2 nights time, checked in, the. Went to St. Albans for dinner which was delicious.
    Jess got drunk and was in a better mood lol.

    I keep sneezing.
    We have to return the car tomorrow.
    Morocco soon!! Back to my holiday! Lol

    I uploaded a picture of where Jess has dinged the car. I can't even see it but Will is all like " oh it's so obvious"
    I was expecting the door to be smashed in.

    Also uploaded a picture of Jaxon pulling his stupid dad he does all the time while holding his breath that I laugh at every bloody time.
    What a goose.
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    September 16, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    So I went to bed really late cause I was busy chatting but had to get up at 8 boo hiss. Packing took a while because Jaxon moves all our stuff around and Jess is anal about leaving the place immaculate even though we also pay for a cleaning fee when we book the place.
    Headed for Hadrians wall/ a relevant museum (Roman Army Museum) . It took 2 hours. Jax slept for 1 but was a poop for the second one which ruined my napping plans.

    Will and Jess had a argument in the car about directions which made things really awkward.
    We did eventually find the museum..
    there was a very awkward silence between us all for a long time.
    Museum was actually pretty good. The information on the walls was what it should be - providing basic knowledge along side more detailed stuff. Too many museums have skipped over the basics because they must have assumed that if you are visiting you must have ground knowledge when often we haven't.
    It had a few statues here and there and some stuff they had found but the best bit was an archery game thing where you had to pull the string and it was calculate your shot and tell you if you are too weak, hit the energy or over shot.
    Bloody jess and Jaxon 😒 wE wanted to watch the 3D movie in the museum but no.
    We couldn't could we ..

    Learnt about Romans vs "savages" (Scottish) and about Hadrian as a person.
    My heart melted. Outside the museum is a patch of grass dedicated for assistance dog toileting 😂😂😭😍❤️
    We drove around the corner from the museum and me and Will got out to see a section of the wall in the distance that everyone else was hiking. Again, we are really disappointed we couldn't too.

    We went to find food. We had maccas to assure Jaxon reached his daily nugget quota.
    This kids diet is ridiculous.
    Jaxons face is always disgusting. I feel so awkward I try to make it obvious I'm not his mum. 😂

    I had a good hours nap on the way to York.
    York full of drunks and hens
    Oh and whores.

    " there are only 2 types of mammals that don't feel the cold.
    Polar bears and sluts"
    Heh 😏😏😏😏

    Fist time in Britain we have had to pay for a toilet and it wasn't even nice.
    Didn't like York at first but liked it more as we walked closer to the centre. Still don't understand why 2 separate family members recommend it.. (Jac and Helen)
    It's surrounded by a big Roman wall.
    Seriously though everyone was off their face and it was 4pm.

    So many sweet shops
    We stopped in at Fudge and cat shop where Jess bought stuff.
    In the middle their was a Big ass Cathedral that we were gonna go in but it had a service starting soon.
    Again, I would have liked to have gone to church if Jess and Jaxon would have 😂 3/3 today.

    We listened to convos as we walked past and we couldn't understand anyone.

    We walked back to the car past a man pissing in the street (still only 5pm by now)
    We drove past the castle on the way out - unimpressive. More like a big room.
    Headed on to Leeds
    Jason likes to spit which he amused himself for like 20 minutes doing.

    We Checked in at our holiday inn. We got a double bed and a sofa bed. We got the big one - lucky! - Jess changed Jaxon on the sofa bed and left like a poo mark.....
    We went to dinner next door to the Calvary.
    I had a very British looking meal of roast and vegetables.
    They didn't have a single kids menu option - 0/10???! Like really??
    While we were waiting for the table we amused ourselves and played the arcade stuffed animal claw game. We failed haha so rigged!

    This place had Terrible service and no instructions on how to work the self service bit. Great prices though! I was stuffed and it was only 6.45£
    Jaxon threw some of his food onto a mans lap 😓
    Home and showered.
    A lot of Ryanair flights have been cancelled for the next few months (50-60 a day) but I don't ours has. I bloody hope not!
    Everyone fell asleep so quickly and was snoring.

    Oh and the museum had to COOLEST toilet wallpaper

    Andddddd Will got annoyed at dinner cause he ordered a beer and halfway through he realized it wasn't alcoholic hahah.
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  • Day164


    September 14, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    We were gonna go to Loch Ness but it's just not plausible 😖😔 I'm really disappointed. It's the only thing I wanted to do in Scotland 😔 stupid Jaxon lol gah, we will have to come back - probably the same time we get around to doing Ireland. Lol

    Decided to go for a day trip to Glasgow which is about an hour away.

    We parked and walked around.

    Ermmmm... where are all the people??
    It was dead.
    We kept walking and eventually found a more populated area. The buildings were again nice and it was less crowded but it just seemed like a boring city.
    It did have some cool street art though!
    We ended up in TGIFridays because it has a reliable children's menu.

    Our waiter was terrific to the point Jess tipped 10£
    He came and chatted to us non stop because he had lived in Australia but also wrote down things to see and do in different parts of Glasgow (we did none of it but still that was extra effort on his part)
    When Jess ran in to give the money ( had to get it out from an atm) he then came out to thank us. I was happy with his coworker to because Jess didn't give it to him but another worker to pass on which they obviously did. Nice to see honest people still exist.

    Outside the resturant was an old man who kinda looked drunk wearing a fluro yellows workers vest, banging tin cans with 2 dancing cat toys with him hahah good on him. Hope he gets a lot of tips 😂

    As we were walking back to the car we saw police horses waiting in traffic. I know that's what's meant to happen but it was still funny to see them wait at traffic lights.

    Like I said a pretty boring city.
    We were recommended a cemetery so of course Jess was interested lol
    I was too a bit. Apparently the tombs say stuff like "died from the plague" so that's cool. Unfortunately it was closed by the time we could get to it.

    We wanted to do something for Jaxon so we took him to a soft play place.

    We had such a terrific time! Jaxon loved all the slides and climbing. I loved it too. My entry was free woohoo! Hahah
    I was running around thins jungle gym thing feeling like i belonged even though I'm bloody 24 hahah
    I just felt at ease and the kids didn't seem to think it was weird.
    There was a big free fall slide that we all had a go on and I took Jaxon on twice. Not sure of his feelings towards that one... 😂
    There was a ball pit that was so comfy to sit in haha

    I've decided I will happily take Jaxon to soft play places when back home. Wooo
    He had a turn in one of those shitty arcade ride things too. He wasn't fussed.
    Scottish people sound like they are stupid.

    We all went on a slide together in 4 separate lanes. I was the only one that made it to the bottom. Their butts were too big and Jaxon didn't weigh enough lol 🙊
    Jax was getting really tired so we left around 5.
    We stopped in at Tesco on the way home to eat Taco ingredients 🙌🏼🙌🏼
    Dinner was delicious.
    Jaxon didn't want it so jess was gonna go get him nuggets but me and Will awkwardly suggested that's teaching him the wrong thing even if he doesn't understand..
    she doesn't ever say no.. we have wanted to say things several times but I don't want to tell someone how to raise their child.
    I would have kept my mouth shut if Will hadn't have said something and then Jess asked my opinion so...
    I have seen this child have Coke, hot chocolate, a krispy Kreme and soooo much juice. He doesn't brush his teeth (I've told her to start when home) but that's a lottttt of sugar just sitting on his gums 😒

    He just whinges because he knows he gets a response from her.

    She didn't end up going to get him nuggets so that's good

    Our deal was if I did the dishes I could watch 3 crimes shows in peace.

    I got scared though and only watched 2 and a half. I swear the house is haunted. Hahahah Edinburgh has so many damn ghost tour options too 😰
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  • Day162


    September 12, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Good solid sleep. Very cold in the morning though.
    Packed up the place and got ready to leave. We spoke with the owner dude who was lovely. His cat who apparently hates people let me pat him and kept coming up to me and he was amazed 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
    He then went and got one of his ducks for us to pat. It was about 22 weeks d and black with green and blue mixed it. So soft!

    On the road. I tried sleeping but gave up.
    We think the silly birds who jump in front of the car are pheasants not quails.

    We drove for ages and stopped for food. We bought SIXTY nuggets from mac as for 12£
    Also Jax did a hugeeeee poo that went everywhere so lucky we were stopped at maccas because that would have been bad! Hahah
    Drive drive drive. Jaxon was so FREAKING LOUD. He was literally loosing his shit for the next 3 hours because he was so overtired.
    We stopped for a drink because we needed wifi to fond out how we were gonna check in - we let Jax run/wobble around a play ground for a while to get some energy out. No wifi available so we tried again later at a different stop point.
    2 hours later we arrived and found the key under a bucket. So creative.
    It's a nice little place. It has wifi and a washing machine 😭😭👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    We had hotdogs for dinner.
    Me and Will took Jax for a walk down to the shops to giev Jess a break cause Jax was being a right poo.

    We bought some soft drink. Supposedly Scotland is the only country in the world where the most purchased soft drink is not owned by the Coca Cola company.
    It's called IRN-BRU. It kinda tastes like creamy soda.
    We had a hilarious encounter with the checkout dude though.
    We literally have no idea what he said to us.
    He said it 3 times before I couldn't help myself and burst out into giggles and said "what????!" It was so funny. I know it was English and yet it so can't have been English. Still don't know what he said hhaha
    Can't wait for more silly Scottish accent fun.

    Currently watching friends and loving it.
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  • Day161


    September 11, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    The house feels so cold but you realize it's actually a haven once you step outside. Horrible and miserable again today.

    Had a shower because I was all sweaty then we left for Cardiff which was just under 2 hours away.
    I slept (tried too) most of the journey - Jess offered me the front seat so that was nice.

    We just told us to take us to Cardiff, no specific instructions. It took us to the town center, which, once i saw the castle I recognised. I even impressed myself when I said "there should be a gold post box down here ... it's gold cause each Olympian who one who won an Olympic gold medal got a post box painted" and a minute later, there is was 💪🏻💪🏻👏🏼

    Found a car park - it smelt like urine.
    We first wanted lunch so we found a pub place.
    Jaxon eats so much he is going to be so fat.

    The bathrooms were nice here lol.

    We then visited a few welsh gift shops to try and find Angharad stuff but they only had the crappy design I already have. Booo hiss.

    We then went to Cardiff castle - entry was 12.50 each so still expensive but better than 20.

    Was happy to pay because this is the castle we didnt actually enter with Tony - we just looked from the entrance.

    First we went through the tunnels on the side which were used during the 2nd world war for citizens of Cardiff to hide in.
    Along the walls were propaganda posters - some were quite funny.

    We the had to put the pram in storage because there were a lot of stairs.

    First section was I suppose what you would call the accomidiation? I don't actually know to be fair. The audio guide was boring. It didn't tell basics but super complex shit that's pointless if you don't have a base understanding.
    Either way it was incredible. I lovvvvvedddddd the ceilings.
    In The library room we got told some fun facts. The owner disagreed with Darwin's theory so around the door around detailed monkeys holding hooks not knowing what to do with it - to prove his point that we are different.

    We went into the keep which was more like other castles with ridiculous staircases, and entry rooms as you go up.
    Only me and Will went up to the the top and Will stayed with Jax down the bottom.
    I love how the castle is in the middle of a city.

    Will reckons Cardiff reminds him of Townsville - a sort of small capital city place rather than a country capital.

    We found some stocks to take photos in and then left.

    It's not the best maintained castle I've been to in regards to landscaping. Very overgrown but I think the house section bit was worth the entry fee.

    We then just walked around the center really. We walked through the Cardiff markets, and ended up in a shopping center which had some great stores including a Disney shop :) can't wait for Jaxon to be bigger and ask me to buy him things that I also want 😂😂😂😂 I'll be like " you want that unnecessarily large stuffed pooh bear? ... seems reasonable... ok then." Hahahah

    Bought some toilet paper and headed home. Parking cost us 18£ 😭

    Oh totally forgot that there was also a museum section under the castle that we went to. It was total rubbish but Jess got some photos of Jaxon wearing more costume hats. She could start an entire Facebook page just from this trip of Jax wearing stupid hats haha

    Also, in the shops there was a 'vodka shot' sampling station.
    Amazing 🙌🏼

    So rainy 😒

    I don't remember getting home lol.
    We had Indian packs for dinner which were pretty good.
    Jaxon going to bed is my favorite time of day hahaha

    It was a good day. Glad Jess and Will got to do something in Wales.

    Jess didn't realize Wales was a country....... 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
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  • Day160


    September 10, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    Slept in until 10 which was magical.
    Jess took Jaxon to some farm place thing and didn't come back until 6 so I had a truly great day doing nothing.
    I had a thump thump headache though so that was a shame.
    We had planned to do a hike but it was really rotten weather - we would have frozen.

    We literally did nothing hey hahah
    We watched Judge Judy all day then Will went back down for a nap around 3 and I watched big bang - it remained on the Telly until 9.

    I made a salad for dinner and we had pasta. Another delicious home cooked meal :)

    Once Jax was in bed on tv came a nude dating show.
    Basically a lot of Willies on the screen hahahaha
    We were like what the actual crap is this? It was so funny. I think it's called naked attraction?

    Me and Will asked each other some trivia questions from a box which we both sucked at haha

    A fuse blew so all the lights went out but it was midnight and raining so we didn't go over to ask where the box was to switch it back on.

    The roof is leaking from the skylight bit because it has been raining so much.

    Turns out they only gave us one roll of toilet paper and we used a lot of it when Jaxon dropped a duck egg. Surprisingly hard to clean up lol (there ducks laid spares so they gave us some)

    Silly Jess left a car light on so I had to go face the storm to turn it off 😑

    She said the farm she went to - folly farm, was fantastic and really big and even had lions and shit and heaps of soft play areas.
    They had a good day I think :) we did too haha.
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  • Day159


    September 9, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    Will, Jess, Jax went to get Breakfast while I lay in another hour.
    When they got back we facetimed Helen who updated us all about Grandads last days which sounded horrendous and then about the funeral.
    Said bye then checked out.

    Helen wanted some hair product from 'Boots' which is a big pharmacy chain here so we went over to the shops before we got on the road.
    Will suddenly felt sick so we went to KFC for him to use a toilet.
    I went to buy a drink but STUPID COMMBANK is still being a dick and won't let us use our PIN number and wants us to sign but they don't accept signature cards 😖 Jess is having the same problem with her commbank card and is getting so angry about it. Her card has been denied a few times too because commbank keeps going down for maintenance ?????
    So over it. Stupid bank, worst system. At least there travel card system is. Never again.

    We left and headed for Wales. The drive there was beautiful. Open fields with so many sheep.
    So green.

    We couldn't find the house lol. It took ages and a lot of stress. The instructions were find a brown house with a phone box....

    We did eventually find it. We figured out later the instructions they gave us only apply when you arrive from the other direction lol

    Ok so we are literally staying in the middle of nowhere.
    It's so peaceful.
    We have our own little caravan next to the family house. the family seems nice - they have 2 kids, a cat and ducks :) they also have sheep as neighbours :)
    There is a cool play area they said Jaxon can use to :)

    We lay around for a bit before heading to the '"local" Tesco 40 mins away hahaha
    Lovely drive - we nearly hit like 100 birds - we think thwarted are quails. They were everywhere and really stupid! We had to drive really slow because they kept flying in front of the car.

    We ended up in a decent sized town. The Tesco was very big so we did a good shop. We have bought 3 dinners and a 2 lunches for the next few days.

    We are going through money so quickly i AM SO STRESSED. I thought we had wayyyyyy more than what we do. Shouldn't have left Will in charge of the accounts. I just want them both go back home. We can't afford what Jess wants to do.
    We have agreed to give them $1000 to contribute for accommodation but that's still too much. We spent also spent so damn much looking after Jaxon. It's just so hard because I don't want to disappoint Jess.
    I don't want to pay for Jess and Jaxon I just want to pay for us 😭😭😭😭

    There was a cat outside the Tesco and it let me pat it 😻😻😻😻

    We drove home and cooked the most delicious meal. Favourite in weeks.
    Soft shell tacos with lots of sour cream.
    Gobble gobble.

    Jess then did Jax' put down but never came back out lol. She fell asleep with him.

    We watched the chase all night.

    Jaxon drinks too much juice and bad food but I'll keep my moth shut haha.
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  • Day158


    September 8, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    So, left out gross little apartment/hotel thing and headed to the White cliffs of Dover. It was passing down rain. We made it and it just wasn't plausible to do with Jaxon. But as we drove all the way there just to see it and because it was one of Wills top U.K. Priority sights - he ran through the storm and met us back in the little shop thing.
    I would have loved to have gone but I wasn't dressed appropriately, Jess had the shits so I wanted to keep her calm and I technically have already seen them when we took the boat from France to England on my school trip to Europe.
    Will did manage to find them though so in happy for him.
    We left once he was back - his run took about 30 mins.

    We had breakfast at some cafe thing we found, bought some snacks in the supermarket next door then got on the road.
    Jax fell asleep quickly so that was great. Nice and quiet lol.
    Off to Stonehenge.
    We put it on scenic route instead of fast route so it didnt take us through London.

    4 hours later we hit major traffic but we were close! We could see it over the hill.

    The villages we drove through were so cute. Loved it.
    Every single one had a pub without fail. Lol

    Eventually made it to Stonehenge and to Wills utter horror there was an entry fee of 20£ each.
    We had a few heated discussions about our plan from there.
    There were tour buses driving people out to the rocks but we decided to walk - it was about a 2km walk there and when we got there they still wanted tickets 😒
    So we asked what we could do and he said to go into the back paddock and walk around, stay behind the dense and we could have a look at one side.
    Pffft I don't know why everyone paid - our view was perfectly fine considering we saved 60£!!
    I feel pretty happy I got to see it because I stayed on the bus when school brought us because I was too tired lol. It sounds silly but I still remember how tired I was an stand by my decision even though it was disappointing lol.
    We got some photos of it and Jax ankles walking around the paddock.

    What can I really say about it? It's a bunch of rocks lol. it's cool though the unknown aspects of it.
    We walked back and there were little village hut things we had a look at. They don't know for sure but they reckon this is what the village huts would have looked like.

    We drove another hour and stopped for dinner because it was getting late quickly.
    We stopped in a cute little town and ate at a pizza place. Great food but terrible service. Well sort of.. all the workers were doing something so it want laziness - just not enough workers.
    You could tell none had no experience with kids either because the kept putting knifes and things in front of Jaxon lol.
    Will had an extremely over dramatic reaction to Jaxons poo that me and Jess had a good laugh at him.
    Jess changed him while Will paid.
    We filled up with petrol then drove another hour to Bristol. Found our hotel - soo many damn roadworks!
    Check in in - lovely room - had working wifi woooo!
    Sleep time! :D Wales tomorrow.
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  • Day157


    September 7, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Had to check out by 10 so we got breakfast in the dining room again then got on our way - lego land today :)
    Before we left we facetimed Grandma because it was Grandads funeral today so we said hi to eneryone and sent our best wishes. Helen and Bill were off chips hhahah.

    We already bought the tickets online a week ago because if you booked 7 days in advance you saved 15£ per ticket which is a solid savings and definitely worth it.
    It was only about a 10 min drive from the hotel.
    Hadn't even entered and I loved it already.
    Lego figurines lined the driveway.

    Once in we got a map and started walking down the hill to the proper start.
    Throughout the park we saw some freaking awesome lego displays and some were really hidden so you had to keep an eye out like a little hedgehog in the bushes.
    First up was a section that was basically like Mini Europe only made out of lego. It was fantastic. The displays of London and France were probably the best bit still an over all big thumbs up.
    Next was Duplo land which was a section more catered for 0-3year olds.
    We all went on a little boat ride thing together which took you around and showed you displays of Disney characters and famous fairytales. Again, excellent.
    Jess bought a photo pass so we have all our photos scanned onto a wrist band which we can get digital copies off later. The photo we got on this ride was lovely and Jax was looking forward so woo.
    Jax was still a bit small for some of the other rides but had a go in the playground on the slide. He didn't like walking on the soft mat surface though because he couldn't balance.
    There was a water park section that we planned on going back to.
    Next ride was so cool!!!
    It was an underground submarine thing that had big windows for you to see fish, shark, crab and stingray all swimming beneath in pretty coral! Oh and some lego treasures.
    We then watched some stupid show that kinda caught Jax's attention so we stayed. It was a pirate show with some terrible stunts lol.
    Next was a train that sprayed us all with water guns. Me and Will got the wettest. Lol
    Jaxon got banned from coming out of his pram until he had a nap because he was a hot mess haha
    He fell asleep and me and Jess went on this sort of my little pony pirate ship ride which turned out to be pretty good. jess was loosing her shit at the top squealing and laughing uncontrollably before squealing again at the top on the other side haha.
    Me and Will then waited in the longest queue of the day (40ish mins) to go on some Egyptian laser lag ride. I doubled Wills score.
    The lego Pharaoh out front was awesome.
    Jax then woke up as we were gonna to the ninja section which we skipped because it didn't look that good.
    The lego was of course good though.
    Me and Will went on a water rapid ride thing which was boring but was ok because there was no line to get on.
    We then took it in turns to go on what I would describe as a log ride with a slide at the end.
    We got super wet!

    Jess and I went on a roller coaster before we decided to try and find where we claim our games tickets she pre bought. It took us ages to find the spot and there was no one there...
    another family was there - they ended up just taking a toy from the stand 😂😂
    I lent over the counter and got the games coupons we had bought and maybe some extra one hahahah 😝😝
    How stupid of them.
    We played some games - we lost of course - before we took Jaxon back to the water play section to play in before we left.
    Uhm ok so the English are ridiculous. So many kids running around in this water.. I took a step in and my foot nearly fell off from frostbite.
    Jaxon was clinging into Jess for dear life and his teeth chattering so that didn't last long hahah
    Will took Jaxon on a train ride which was so very cute.
    Jess and Will went on a water slide together right at closing time and got saturated hahaha
    They had to change clothes.
    Great day.

    Then began a new adventure.
    We headed to Dover. Our phones told us that would take just under two hours but our stupid car gps thought the quickest route would be to take us through London city............... it was not.
    How these people don't have breakdowns on a daily basis? It's actually ridiculous. I could not do it daily.
    It took us over 4 hours to get there and when we did it was 9 something so well and truly dark.

    - we got McDonald's on the way - the only drive through we have seen the whole way.

    Then came the stress lol
    So we found the place but no one answered the door...
    Jess reread her email and in fine print at the bottom of her confirmation email it said CALL ahead and organise the collection of your keys.
    Jaxon is rightfully loosing his shit by now.
    He pretty much slept the whole 4 hours though so gold star for him.

    Ok so we found a pay phone but of course the man didnt answer did he 😒😒😒

    A few tries later - as Jess was leaving the booth THE PHONE RANG 😁luckily she hadn't left because the ring was so faint.
    She got instructions and off we went.

    Got there and couldn't open the door 😂
    We then ignored the instructions given to us and tried a different door which worked ... like honestly..

    Whatever we have a bed YAY.

    It would be a nice place if it was clean but it was pretty gross..

    Crashed pretty hard.
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