• Day8

    End of Day Recap

    January 30, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 61 °F

    It might be a bit before I get to the actual end of trip stuff, so might as well just recap today.

    Today was another odds and ends day.

    We had a few goals, and knocked them out really well.

    The only "Big" ride that we had yet to do that we wanted to do, was Dinosaur. It was broken the last time we were at the Animal park (waaaaaay back on Saturday . . . heh heh). So, that's the first thing we did, leaving the vast crowd and going straight for that ride.

    Because we had a fast pass already for Brenda's favorite ride, we could afford the luxury of waiting to do Avatar until the last minute.

    So, did the Dino ride (not as good as Indy in Disneyland) then go straight to the Navi River Ride (a 20 minute wait when we got in, a 70 minute wait when we got out) and then do Avatar.

    I was on one of the ends, which wasn't as much fun, and while I got the smells from the ride (they blast scents every once in a while) my water jets weren't working, so no spray of water :-(

    I did squeeze the mount more, so I could feel it "breathing" and the effects for that were much stronger (which was a blast!).

    Once again we asked politely to ride in the front (and here you probably thought we were just getting lucky all the time) for the Everest ride (which was closed at the earliest portion of the day) and planned out our picture.

    Doing something silly for the picture is a lot of fun, but it can take a bit of prep, and you typically have to "hold the pose" for an uncomfortable period of time, through some of the toughest sections of the ride, but such was our dedication :-)

    Brenda scoring the Magic Kingdom pass was super cool!!! Not only is it a great ride that usually has crazy long lines, but we could also make up for the fact that we got slighted on one of our pictures from the Haunted Mansion. We made up for that big time today, being able to get on the ride in standby in 20 minutes, then seeing the ride spike to 70 minutes after we got a fast pass that got us on in 10 minutes.

    A great way to end our times at the park.

    Dinner was nice, and it looks like we are clearing out at just the right time, as there are a ton of cheer / dance young ladies taking over the resort. They got in some good practice just a little while ago, and they are certainly passionate about making a ton of noise :-)

    We have such an early flight tomorrow that we are going to be departing the resort at 3am . . . ugh!

    Don't look forward to the long day, but I do look forward to seeing my new car, then catching up with the girls!!! We have the weekend to recover, and no alarms (other than fuzzy ones) will be set for Saturday.

    I do have to go into work at some time Saturday, but it will most likely be late in the afternoon!

    Brenda and I are going to try and get some sleep early tonight. It's been an amazing trip and I look forward to recapping the top 10 and sifting through all the pictures.

    Thanks to everyone that helped make this the best birthday ever!!!

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    Sharon Simmons

    A wonderful adventure, thank you for sharing. I love you both to pieces.

    Brenda Sallee

    I had a great time. I was so glad to help David’s birthday dream come true. Nice I got to enjoy it too. Yes, I love the Avatar ride. Really feel like you are flying one of these animals and the sights are AMAZING. My new fav ride. I understand why folks wait long for it, although we didn’t have to, fortunately. I have to say that I was floored how many different Disney garments I saw. Tshirts( many personalized), socks, jewelry, hair bands, and more. Of course, I saw TONS of mouse ears of different sorts. I have also never seen so many strollers nor little girls dressed up as a princess in one place. It is the best place to People Watch!! It was nice to see people working there from all over (and you can see where they are from) and various age groups; as well as abilities. Also nice to see guests of all different abilities and ages. I loved the Magicbands, fast passes, and all the details the parks put into things. The food was expensive and sometimes really good, and other times not. Water not very good out of fountain, but I refused to pay $4 for a bottle. Our VIP day was really cool. Great to not have to make decisions that day and just be shown around and told interesting trivia from time to time. Lots said it was busier now than it usually is. Bummer, but we still had a good time and did not wait longer than about an hour in any line. My feet had some struggles in the beginning but it got better as they got used to things and I found moleskin and Alieve. I also ended up with a cold toward end of visit. Not surprised sharing spaces and lapbars, railings, etc with so many thousands of people in short amount of time. We got great photos and will be still updating some to the blog in the next few days. We will also do a Best of Beber post with some good poses from him.

    Sharon Simmons

    What a great 50th. Hope you just get R&R when you get home.