• Day185

    The first 6 months...

    February 3, 2018 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    So, today, I've been in BSD, Indonesia, for exactly 6 months and I can say that I've finished settling in. My house is furnished (photos nr. 4 and 5), my container arrived 3 months ago (photo nr. 3), I've travelled to Sulawesi (nr. 2 and 8) and Bali (nr. 9 and 10). I'm enjoying every minute of the good weather (nr. 1), have tried many kinds of food and drinks (nr. 7). Live here is comfortable and easy going. Working is fun as students are polite and hard-working, the school ground is amazing and my colleages motivated and helpful. I've "survived" the first vulcano eruption and earthquakes, have shared my house with lizards, cockroaches, a rat, a scorpion and hundreds of mosqitoes. I know how to get around BSD and Jakarta, have made the first friends outside of school, went out partying and have gotten a tast of local life here. There are so many experiences ahead and I can't wait! Applying at the German School of Jakarta and moving to Indonesia has certainly been one of the best decisions I've ever taken. Let's see where life is leading me :-)Read more