• Day763

    Ställplats in Ardevon

    July 19, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    We needed a rest in the late afternoon after a strenuous trip to Mont Saint Michel. I and Billy had to walk 6km since dogs were not allowed on the shuttle buses. It was quite warm and also sunny on the way back. Not the best weather for Billy but it was windy and I had a big umbrella which gave him some shade.
    The 2nd largest tourist attraction have become even larger and developed with big parking places and shuttle buses which didn't exist 10 years ago when we where here with only Max.
    Last time we parked very close. Now it was 3km away. A lots of people along the road and it felt like being inside an anthill when walking the narrow and steep alleys within the walls of Mont Saint Michel.
    We had a quick look and some simple food on the go.
    Tomorrow I and Yasmin will go there on our own. It is not a place for kids or dogs... We will walk from the ställplats to the shuttle buses... approximately 3km one way.
    In the evening Yasmin and the kids flew kites in the light breeze. Billy enjoyed that we were back from the tough trip.
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