• Day12

    Tour Eiffel

    July 2, 2019 in France ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Woke at 8am to a bright, clear day and on the road by 9am. Took Metro to the Eiffel Tower (after exchanging our tickets that I wiped being next to my credit card).

    All of us were pretty excited and loved seeing the structure in person. Sold out of pre-purchased tickets, so we waited in a relatively short queue and then started climbing stairs. I went more slowly than the others, focusing on how my physical therapist coached me, to not irritate my knee (especially after climbing Arc de Triomphe yesterday) and I'm in less good shape. Great work out, up 674 steps!

    The views were stunning! Perfect day with a nice breeze. We beat much of the crowds, but still busy. Walked 360 around the first level and then up to the top level. Tons of photos. About 1pm before we spiraled back down - much easier than up! ;-)

    R excitedly spotted koi fish in the pond at the bottom. Walked along the Champ du Mars, continuing to snap photos. A short ways away, we stopped at a bakery for chicken curry baguettes and pasteries.

    Wandered along with no real destination. Ended up at Invalides, where Tom and the kids decided to check out the military museum. I said my goodbyes and headed to Gare de Lyon to catch my train. Easy to get there once I found the Metro station and very nice trip - only two hours by TGV.

    Will update more once I know that the boys did...

    Don't know all the details yet, but apparently, when the guys got back to our building, Tom walked up while the boys took the tiny elevator. I gather R jumped up and down and the thing stopped (key to flat on L's pocket of course!). Tom texted me after they were unable to get it going again. I texted Airbnb. Airbnb called an elevator technician since no one was answering the number on the elevator that Tom tried numerous times. This is all going on while I'm on the train and trying to navigate to my Airbnb in Lyon. Finally, as I am walking up to the stadium, more than two hours into this whole ordeal, Tom texts that the kids are out of the elevator and they're going to eat. Serves the little one right, although I feel bad for L being stuck there with him...will see if they find it amusing by the time I get back to them tomorrow. Certainly memorable!
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