• Day13

    Au Revoir, Lyon

    July 3, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Alarm went off too early...difficult time unwinding after an exciting match. Quickly got ready, had a few brief minutes with my gracious hosts, and off I went back to the tram station. A light rain fell last night and the air is blissfully dry and a pleasant 73 degrees.

    A direct shot to the train station (except that I mistakenly got off early and waited for a different jam packed tram), no thanks to Google, who seems to think there's no public transit options in Lyon...

    Met several teen girls from DC on the tram who had convinced their families to take them to the quarterfinals through finals matches.

    Wish I had an opportunity to explore Lyon a bit. Honestly, nothing remarkable that I was able to see during my brief stint here. The architecture I saw is almost entirely modern. Tried to at least find a postcard at the train station, to no avail.

    With the heat, I have struggled to stay hydrated, and I forgot to fill my water bottle before I left. (Hate buying bottled water, if avoidable!)

    Uneventful train ride. Chatted with a family of five from Minnesota who traveled to the match. Mostly relaxed and researched tips for making the most of our Disney experience on Friday! ;-)

    Enjoyed a leisurely 30-minute stroll in perfect weather along the Seine, past the Sorbonne, to the Pantheon, to meet my family!

    More photos from the match, since I have none from Lyon itself...
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