• Day101

    Stuck in Chaiten

    January 8, 2018 in Chile ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    The plan had been to get up early and catch the 8 am bus to Futaleufu as that was the only open way South. The main route was closed due to the landslide so we would need to go to Futaleufu and then take the buses south or to take the evening ferry and reach directly at Puerto Balmaceda and then take the bus to La Junta.
    The issue was that there is a que to the places in the bus. The previous evening when Hristo and Maria had gone to Chaitur to enquire about it, Nicklas had mentioned no queues. He had told, just show up at 7:30 am and you should be fine. While Igor and Bernardo both had mentioned that there is a que system to the places on the bus.
    We reached there at Chaitur (the bus stop of the village) at 8 am but were told there was no place for us. There were 29 workers that would be picked up a bit further South to work on the landslide, the 2nd priority was the locals traveling South and then the foreigners. There were a total of 44 seats in the bus so considering the number of people in front of us in the que, we wouldn't get the tickets to the 8 am bus. We were very pissed with Nicklas and we were more than sure he was doing this since we had not taken tours with him. He even suggested taking a tour with him for the day while we waited for the 5 pm bus.
    We would have to waste one whole day without a plan here and we had already checked out as well so we were extremely pissed with Nicklas.
    We decided to keep the bags at Chaitur and go to our friends from the Patagonian Ruta 7 and take their free city tour. When we reached there only Alejandro was there and he told us that the free tour was in Spanish only and that Igor could accompany for the English translation but he was sleeping in late and would be in town by 10 am only. This was fine with us since we could then have our breakfast in the meantime.
    We had our food and went back to their office by 10, but Igor was still not in. So we decided to wait for a while outside in the beautiful sunny weather. Around 10:30 am Igor came and saw us. He had cycled down 20 kms from El Amarillo. We told him we wanted to do the free tour. He called up the local guides to arrange the tour for us but he informed that he would not be able to join us since he had a lot of pending work which he needed to finish before the day. He went to the office and we didn't hear from him for another 10 min after which Melinda went to check the status and was told that he was stuck with work and he couldn't arrange any local guide. He promised to come in 5 min to show us the path we could take for the tour. We waited for a few minutes and then we decided to go on our own. I had all the points around the place marked on and we decided to follow them.
    We walked towards the Chaiten mirador. A place on the hill nearby with views of the village.
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