• Day103

    Mirador that wasn't

    January 10, 2018 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 2 °C

    The path to the mirador was just at the North end of village. We followed the track on and reached the place in about 10 min. Melinda and I were climbing in front while Hristo and Maria were following a few tens of meters behind us. We totally missed the turn marked on the map about 70% up the way. About 200 mts from the turn, we reached a dead end. There were thorn bushes everywhere. We couldn't find any path anywhere and the gps also showed us about 10 mts off track. We turned back and saw Maria and Hristo coming. They had tried to take the turn marked on the map but there were too many thorns all across the path and they had not been able to go more than 4-5 mts. We climbed down back to the turn and tried to go in bit after managing to go about 20 mts, we turned back. The path didn't seem to have been used for a long time and there were thorny bushes all across the path and it continued like this till where we could see. We tried to find alternate paths but it was too dense and thorny so we gave up and started our walk down back to the beach. We walked around along the coast for a while till the sunset happened. After that, we had our dinner and went back to sleep at the cabaña.Read more