• Day105

    Off from Puyuhuapi

    January 12, 2018 in Chile ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Getting off after our ride from the Queulat National Park, we found a nice restaurant Senderos Puyuhuapi where we had our dinner. The food was so good that we returned here the next day to have our brunch as well. We were lucky as we happened to be the last customers before they closed for a few days to go to the countryside.
    Before that, on the previous evening, we had still not heard back from the fisherman to take us to the hot springs and when we checked the weather, it showed rain almost the whole day plus we had driven along the fjord 2 times on the day before. So, we decided to skip the hot springs and instead go to Coyhaique. We went to get our tickets at the supermercado but were told that all the places in the 7 am bus were taken and that we could take it on the next day. We decided to hitch hike instead 😎
    The fisherman guy called Hristo's number late in the night around 12 am but having decided to move on from Puyuhuapi, he ignored the call.
    Not having any paln in particular, we woke up late, got ready, checked out and carried our bags to Senderos Puyuhuapi to have our brunch, it was almost 1:30 pm. We decided to try and hitch hike all the way to Coyhaique. The plan was to split up in whatever capacity we could and meet at the central plaza of Coyhaique. We were still in Chile and both Hristo and I had local SIM cards so we could sync up, just that I was using Claro which didn't have a good coverage in this area while Hristo was using Entel and had connection everywhere. The hope was that I too would get a connection in Coyhaique so we will be able to meetup. We walked 2.5 kms to the Southern exit of the village and waited there for someone to pick us up. After a while, a pickup came from the village and agreed to take 2 of us to the ferry crossing nearby where they were working in clearing the road. Melinda and I went with them. Just behind us, Hristo and Maria too got a lift till the ferry where the jeep in which they were travelling would stop a short distance on the other side of the ferry port.
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