• Day135

    The Sunday Parade

    February 11, 2018 in Colombia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Richer from the experience of the day before, we had a clear plan in mind for the day. We started off earlier around 11 am as planned. This day we decided to go further up on Via 40, directly where the palcos were. There were vendors selling caps, foams etc on the street side. We entered the public area and started going from one palco to another exposing ourselves to various touts so we could pitch them against each other. We had also planned our location well. We wanted to be nearer the start of the parade since the day before when we were in the middle of the Via 40,we had realized that a lot of groups would get tired dancing in the searing sun by the time they reached our seats. But, we didn't want to be right at the start since most groups would have be trying to get organized in their dances etc.
    Keeping that in mind, we marked 3-4 palcos where we would try and get our tickets and this day we decided to get into the palcos since they afforded a better view of the parade.
    Keeping all these factors in mind, we managed to pitch a few touts against each other and negotiate the price down from 60000 COP to 25000 COP per person in one of the palcos right in the front row at a nice elevated position above the Via 40 road. Our palco even had a live band that kept is entertained till the parade started. They even gave us free coffee, caps, bags and some snacks being sponsored by a local pub. We were extremely happy with the deal and our place and the live band was quite useful since the parade started at 2:30 pm about 1.5 hours later than scheduled 😎
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