• Day15

    Port McDonnell

    January 6, 2018 in Australia ⋅ 🌬 40 °C

    Port McDonnell is definitely a place where you go to do nothing and relax. Regan and I took two drives out to see the local attractions and were back within an hour. The Bay faces directly into the Southern Ocean so the water is cooler and there was lots of seaweed in the water.

    There has been a colony of fairy penguins there for a long time but about 18 months ago a storm took away the cliff where their breeding ground was. It left the penguins vulnerable to the foxes so most of them have left the area.

    In between these two outings we did more reading, drinking and of course eating. Regan has finished 3 books so far and the 4th will be done by tomorrow. I think my count is at 8 so almost one a day! Feeling very relaxed now. We treated ourselves to a delicious dinner out on our last night and I had an incredible seafood platter with beautiful fresh locally caught produce.
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