• Day131

    Day 10 Iso

    November 4, 2021 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    So we are getting towards the pointy end of the isolation experience. Things are pretty routine and even the nightly menus are not so exciting. The end is close but not quite close enough. We have had a few days break from the Covid testing which we have enjoyed. Our last test before freedom is tomorrow.

    Tuesday and Wednesday went quite quickly as both Regan and I have had follow up enquires regarding some work opportunities we had applied for last week. Nothing concrete yet but it appears we might both have interviews next week when we are back in Christchurch so fingers crossed.

    They have extended our walking area - the same car park but three bays now rather than 2. About 150metres loop. It is good news for us as each session can have more people. We have been able to do two sessions each day. We try to do one early in the morning and then the second one later in the afternoon. Podcasts have been my saviour to distract from the endless loops.

    The food has continued to be plentiful but of course because we can’t choose it is losing some of the appeal. We have had a few days where there has been a creamy sauce on at least one meal. I have started to order the vegetarian option to try and get something a little plainer. The hotel is celebrating Diwali today so we had a nice Indian lunch with sweets to follow.

    When we entered isolation we had two MIQ task lists running. The first being the boring tasks we just need to get done such as tax returns, getting the truck and caravan re-registered and insured for example. The second list was more fun items such as yoga, painting, embroidery, book reading and Netflix bingeing. We did a task list check this morning and we have been very productive.

    We have decided to fly back to Christchurch on Monday night. The road trip we had initially planned sort of unravelled with the level 3 restrictions in place in Auckland and Waikato. We are allowed to leave MIQ an hour early in order to make the flight so only 4 sleeps to go now and a very long day on Monday.
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