• Day188


    June 22 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    The choice to build my car’s interior from wood proves to be a good one. It is way more robust than expected – even the partly used poplar multiplex – and I can extend it anytime. Today I finally managed to neatly integrate the cooler box which I bought in Cape Town. Since then it was always flying around which is especially annoying when not having a fully packed car, meaning, when travelling alone. So, this weekend I was the main customer of the MamboViewPoint carpentry. It took half a day of engineering and another half day to build this thing. I cut a part out of my upper bed layer and reused this as base plate for the fridge unit. There were various reasons for not centring the fridge in the middle of the car with the major being the possibility to use one of the heavy seat screws to fasten the plate to the ground. Also, it keeps a nice big gap between the seats to reach in the back under the bed from the front seat row. Somebody always hides a snack box there ;-) The small fridge is unmovably aligned on the wooden base and simply tied down with two Seilflechter straps. Dat sitzt bombenfest, Digga! I like to tie down stuff. It’s so stupid and simplifies all kinds of designs in regard of rattle-free installation in the car. The bed is the best example. The fridge’s lid is super-stupidly designed because it’s not flat but still, you don’t really feel it when lying on the bed. It is easy reachable by quickly uplifting the cushions. Done.Read more