August 2019
  • Nov6

    Camping in a freezer

    November 6 in Finland ⋅ ☁️ -17 °C

    To be honest, we didn’t expect to experience harsh winter conditions in November. ❄️ But here it is: temperatures down to -25 degrees make it really really challenging to live in the van: EVERYTHING is frozen: tomato sauce, cans with food, the dish washing detergent, our shampoo and body lotions, the windows and doors of the car, and even the gas for cooking 🙈!! We put our water in the fridge to try to prevent it from freezing (which works only fine for a day 😅). Luckily our car works perfectly and the park heater keeps us warm! And we are really happy to be able to go into Cafés or hotels to heat up, have wifi and even Sauna! But we absolutely love the snow covered landscape and are surprised about how beautiful camping in a freezer can be! Or how Johnny said: in our Upa-Igloo 🚗❄️

    Sustainable advantage: we dont need to turn on our fridge to keep our food cold 🤣. Actually we use it off to keep them warm xD
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  • Oct29

    Stabbursdalen Nationalpark

    October 29 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ -1 °C

    By surprise we came by the informative @Stabbursnes_naturhus, where we got the hint for a nice trekking in the national park. Hiking 6km through darkness and snow, we didn’t really know what was expecting us here in the world’s northernmost pinewood. Then - the most beautiful surprise and the most cosy hut, where we spent 2 nights in the middle of nature in a winter wonderland. We saw a lot of wildlife (reindeer, salmon, eagle, squirrel, otters, a fox and many birds) drank water from the pure river and hiked around. This will definitely be one of our most beautiful memories of the trip!

    #nature #conservation #outdoor #stabbursdalennasjonalpark #nationalpark #protectwilderness #globaldealfornature #70degreesnorth #winterwonderland #northernlights #regenerationexpedition
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  • Oct28

    Nordkapp, we did it!!!

    October 28 in Norway ⋅ 🌬 0 °C

    We have made it to the northernmost point of the European continent, 71degrees🌐🔭 north! After seing the most amazing northern lights🌈 on the way there, we spent a really scary and stormy night at Nordkapp (winds of 70-100km/h🌪).

    Luckily we were not alone and made friends with our swiss🇨🇭 neighbours Martin and Lukas, which we invited to stay in our bus for wine🍷 and good conversations😃 in the night 😎.

    From now on.... we will only go SOUTH ⬇️

    #71degreesnorth #vanlife #vwbus #nordkapp #wintercamping #northernlights #regenerationexpedition
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  • Oct27

    Real Artic driving!!!

    October 27 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ -9 °C

    What an incredible day. After a cold night 🌚of -9 celcius, we woke up and start driving 🚙to the northernmost point in Europe. The road suddenly went down to -17 ❄️degrees C!!!! But not only the cold was the highlight of this day. We saw a group of at least 50 🐬dolphins hunting and a friendly fox 🐕near our upa-chalupa. Is nice to see how life finds the way to be even in the most freezing conditions!Read more

  • Oct22


    October 22 in Norway ⋅ 🌧 5 °C

    Lofoten seems like a place for us! Mountains meet the sea, lots of climbing and ski-touring options, beautiful beaches and a surprising underwater world. We spent our days between hiking, diving, thinking about climbing, visiting the Viking museum and sitting in cosy bars and cafes working on our projects. The best night was when we accidentally popped into a concert night in a pub where we met Hanna and Joe, a sympathetic American couple who are living in Lofoten with their son for a year. They invited us to stay at their place for 2 nights, which we gladly accepted :) Had some interesting conservations about the environment, outdoor sports, arts and Joes research projects. Thank you for your hospitality!Read more

  • Oct21

    Arctic divers - PADI Dry Suit Cert.

    October 21 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

    We couldn’t resist to jump into the cristal clear water here in Lofoten. So we used the opportunity to get the dry suit specialty with 10degrees Celsius water temperature (outside: 3 degrees 😅). What exceptional diving here in the arctic! The water is full of live and there is a beautiful underwater forest all over.Read more

  • Oct15


    October 15 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 2 °C

    A couple of days on the beautiful island Senja.

  • Oct14

    Summary of our first volunteer job

    October 14 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ -4 °C

    After 10 days on the farm, we left our first volunteer job earlier than planned. Mainly because we couldn’t stand the lack of hygiene in the house and because we were missing truly meaningful jobs for us. Milking goats and cleaning the stable was surely an important contribution to the development of the farm, and we enjoyed the physical work, but we had hoped we could contribute our knowledge as professionals at least a bit.

    However, we learned a lot about running an organic farm, their challenges and about their alternative concepts:

    - against food waste: the goats were mainly fed with old bread, the supermarkets wouldn’t sell anymore. Impressive to see, how much food is thrown away, and this was only a little part of it. We were actually also eating 80% discarded food :)

    - regeneration of soils: by using the goats dung, they were able to make soil and bring back the nutrients. Especially important in the arctic conditions, where the organic waste wouldn’t normally decompose very easy

    - organic farming: being the only organic goat farm in the region, they were completely dependent on the dairy business, which wouldn’t buy their milk for organic milk prices. Also, they had a whole lot of useless paperwork, i.e. working time to do for the organic certification. Thus: as organic farmers, they would not be able to make a living, if they didn’t have the voluntary workers

    - the workaway program: a real win-win situation, as the host have free workers and the workawayers have experience, community, accomodation and food.

    The goats were super cute and we really liked how they love their animals. All in all this stay was a great experience for us. Next time hopefully with more challenging tasks :).
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