• Day17

    Disneyland Paris!

    November 18, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    Another day at Disney!! This time to take in all of the wonderful, amazing, fantastic Christmas decorations and shows! What a magical place!! Unfortunately for us....we didn't realize that it is also Mickey's birthday today!! The park was SO busy....almost 2 hour waits for most of the good rides!! Of course, we couldn't justify waiting since we were just here a week ago and were able to go on all of the rides then. So we spent our day watching shows and enjoying the atmosphere!

    It was about an hour wait just to get into the park if you have a bag...we always have a bag with us! So I stood in the mob of people, supposedly in a line, waiting to go through the security bag check while Jay and the girls went in through the "no bag" line...I didn't see a point in all of us wasting an hour just to get in! They went straight to "It's a Small World", since it wasn't open last week when we were here. By the time I got in, the Christmas parade was starting...and they got held up on the ride for one of those mysterious Disney moments where the rides just randomly stop for awhile....if you've ever been to Disney, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about! Anyway...I ended up watching the parade...alone!! I had a perfect spot and the parade was amazing...even alone, I couldn't stop smiling! They even made it snow!! I have no idea how or where the "snow" came was SO magical!! Luckily, the girls were able to catch most of the parade...just from a different spot....haha.

    We enjoyed our day and savoured our last Disney moments.....and a day in France without rain...well...of course that couldn't happen! haha...we ended our travels in the rain! Bye Disneyland!...and Happy Birthday Mickey!!
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