• Day18

    Paris Airport

    November 19, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    So...we realized late last night that the "return" ticket we purchased for the Disney bus to the airport isn't going to work for us!! Ugh...another amateur travel mistake! Being used to Disney World transportation, we didn't even think about the time of our flight! Even though we don't have a super early flight....there is no way we can catch the Disney bus and be there early enough. Oops. So we had to book a taxi to the airport....100 Euros!!!! ...because it's a weekend, the price is increased! SO expensive!

    We arrived at the airport and tried to pay....umm...oops again!!! The taxi doesn't take credit card??!! geez...another assumption on our part....luckily we had some American cash...since we didn't have any Euros left!! He took the American...he didn't seem too excited about it...but we gave him a small premium on the UGH!!

    Well, this is it!! We've concluded our first overseas trip with kids....aside from 2 asthma attacks, three puking episodes, mystery rashes, a visit to a pharmacist (which is almost like a visit to a doctor at home), 3 wasted tickets to the Eiffel Tower, wasted tickets for the Disney bus, potential bed bugs, and no money to pay the taxi....all in went quite well! We had an amazing trip and the girls have grown and learned so much in such a short time...thankful for this opportunity...and we are already planning our next adventure!!

    Update: We made it home, cutting it VERY close with our connection in Amsterdam...running through the airport, each of us pushing a stroller at top speed while carrying 3 carry on bags....I'm sure we made a few people Jay's mom met us at the airport with a clean change of clothes for each of us, multiple large garbage bags and duct tape! Everything got sealed shut before we put it in the case we had bed bugs....and it was all heat treated and/or left in the garage for freeze treatment! I've never before been happier to come home to a week of -30C weather! haha. I went to the doctor....two different doctors actually....both of whom guaranteed that my bites weren't from bed bugs. Morgan's vanished within two days...I wasn't so lucky. I ended up with swollen hands and feet...VERY painful. Both doctors are 100% sure it's not bed bug thought maybe scabies!!...but it wasn't...thankfully. The other is sure it was an allergic reaction...perhaps to something used to prevent bed bugs.
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