• Day21

    That's All Folks

    May 21 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

    Well it's all hands on deck today as we have to pack, strip the beds, clean and re-make the beds before heading up to the Golf Club for lunch . Salad I think as I have now reached capacity on the food levels.

    We check over the villa one last time and start the drive to the airport, on the way we noticed the temperature on the Sat Nav, it has reached the magic 100 degrees.

    We arrived in plenty of time for our 7.40 pm departure that is until we have an almighty storm with torrential rain, thunder and lightning. We board the plane 40 minutes after we should have taken off and then sit there for over one and a half hours before we finally take off.

    We have a good flight considering it's still lightning when we take off but not too restful. It was interesting being able to watch our progress on the in-flight information on our personal Tv's and the camera on outside of the plane gave wonderful pictures. Thank goodness we have a taxi waiting for us and we don't have to drive home.

    The end to a wonderful holiday, thanks Fiona and Mark for the great company and loads of laughs xx
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    Thanks Deb and Martin for a wonderful holiday, we've had lots of laughs, great outings and made some very happy memories! The weather forecast each day? Hot, damn hot!! [Fiona]