• Day7

    Sun Moon Lake

    October 1, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Having had a great time in Taichung it's now time to move on and go to Sun Moon Lake a very popular place for Taiwanese at weekends! We ended up getting a much earlier bus so arrived at Sun Moon Lake by 11am. We started walking towards our airbnb when a man in a car pulled over and showed a picture of me on his phone. The owner came to pick us up which was really sweet!

    The room was basic but just what we needed. We sat outside with a view of the lake eating our sushi rolls from 7Eleven. I must admit this time we are roughing it a tiny bit more as things are a bit more expensive and we are worried about costs! So you'll probably see that we do eat from 7Eleven quite a lot (equivalent of Tesco express apart from you can heat food in them).

    Our plan for the afternoon was to hire bikes and cycle round the 35km lake. Our intentions were high but not as high as the hills around the lake so after 3km we headed back and decided to just do the easy side of the lake 😂 We still cycled around 20km, just not with steep uphills. I'm sure a normal cyclist could do them but I am not a cyclist and ended up just getting off the bike every minute! The other side of the lake was great, still tiring enough. It was a really lovely day with the sun shining the whole time.

    On our way back we popped into 7-11 for an ice cream and to top up our travel cards. Annoyingly we couldn't pay by card so we had to come back after getting our bike deposit back! Now exhausted we popped back to 7-11 to pay for our travel cards and after a look round found some bento boxes that would suffice for a cheap and cheerful and, more importantly, instant dinner. Oh and Will purchased his first Taiwanese beer. It's only 6:30pm and we are done!

    Unfortunately we haven't done our steps, despite all the cycling, so we went for a little wander before heading home.
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