• Day17


    December 5, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    We are now in our final 3 days/ 2 nights of our Rajasthan tour and to be honest although we can't always have this luxury I am sad to have it end. Today we have a a long 6 hour drive to Bikaner. We are now basically driving back to Dehli but as the distance is so far we need to break it up into 3 days.

    Again, I'm sure we just drive on a single straight road the entire way!! Along the way we saw the norm of goats, bills, camels wandering along the highway. We even saw the Indian kingfisher fly past which was fun. At about 3pm we got to the hotel and chilled before heading out. I can't remember if I've mentioned but Ajay is a machine at driving. I think he'd do the journey in one if we didn't need to stop for a wee. But it also means that we don't stop for food, I'm sure he would if we asked, but we just power through on a kilo of bananas and then have a big dinner.

    For tonight's hotel he booked us into a haveli! Haveli's are beautifully ornate heritage buildings and this one was really lovely. I don't think we would have been able to afford it without the mates rates! I did a quick wash of clothes, we ate vegetarian biryani and then visited our final Fort of the trip. It wasn't anything spectacular but it was nice. Bikaner Fort is quite different from the others as its not actually on a hill top and is at the same level of the town.

    After we walked around around the town and ate dosa, jalebis, batata vada and something I had never had bettroot and potato kachori. Now that was a winner!
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