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  • Day74


    June 9 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Drove from Ciudad to Campeche- only 2.5 hrs. It felt longer. Not too many on road as Sunday- 2 lane highway until Champoton. Stopped at a road side restaurant frequented by locals in Champoton. . Had freshly made empanadas... OMG... like puff pastry- 4 filled with white cheese (cross between feta and mozzarella for taste) and other 4 cheese and small shrimp. Served with freshly made tomatoe sauce- delicious (simple crushed fresh tomatoes). These 8 plus 2 water bottles and a can of beer came to 12.00 Canadian! Very hot day (38). Drove along the coastal road- beautiful ocean views- passed a few homes that had been abandoned. When in Campeche walked along malecon - very long. Our low budget motel was across from the ocean- took pics at sunset. Campeche has a big modern mall with Liverpool etc. Looks like lots of money going into this city.Read more