• Day76


    June 11 in Mexico ⋅ 🌧 35 °C

    Yesterday (Monday) enjoyed shopping at the mall... each of us by ourselves as others looming after dogs in the hotel room. Wendy couldn’t get over the ice rink in the middle of the mall plus the bikes being sold in Liverpool next to the kids section! Liverpool store similar in quality’s to a Nordstrom’s- high end quality and more expensive. Beauty section similar to the Bay- selling Clinique and Claris products among others. Checked out Costco - next to mall. If you took away all the Spanish language, you’d swear you were in Canada- has everything

    Next day spent part of am looking further into ferry schedules and companies leaving Playa del Carmen to Cozumel with and without trailer. Drove to Progresso and drove around the small town. Nice malecon. Then drove back to Merida, hoping we would find a quick fast food on the way in to see the Cathedral (which is the oldest in Central America). After finally finding a Mac Donald’s, drove past the Cathedral. Did not go in as absolutely no parking in the area. While there was a park in the square and some coffee shops/restaurants, there was a 7-11 in the same square ☹️. Extremely busy streets around Cathedral with many clothing shops - many pedestrians. A beautiful stone Mayan replica in the roundabout- see pic. It was a somewhat frustrating day driving in Merida- gps sending us on wild goose chases through downtown Merida. One block off a main highway it was like we were in a rural residential area.... including dirt roads.As well both of us were hungry with a headache at one point until we found McD’s. Plan to get up early (6am) tomorrow to get an early start to Playa del Carmen, find a storage place (have 2 in mind), unload some of the trailer and maybe drive up to Cancún to get our palette, drive back down then onto Tulum x 2 nights. Storage of palette is only 22 pesos/day at the shipping company.... but we have to deal with the trailer ( ideally store on the mainland).
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