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  • Day85

    Visa papers

    June 20 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Went and met Monica to get papers for visa that had been translated into Spanish. Needed to get pictures taken- took forever to find a photo place and also get parking. Many one way streets in areas of Cozumel. After pictures, went to the bank to pay for visa and get the receipt to show Immigration tomorrow- again, difficult to locate banks and parking. Dogs continue to have issues and getting up in the night. Airbnb has a flight of stairs - very hot and humid. Wendy coming down with a cold and feeling wiped. Feel safe with walking dogs in the neighbourhood. On Sunday afternoon at a nearby church children were singing inside. Many people use bicycles and motorbikes (all wear helmets). People out walking their dogs on leash, friendly. Garbage recycling. Talked to Henny (owns Airbnb)- says there’s a sewar treatment centre on the North part of the island. Water comes from the cenotes on the island- water is high in calcium so dogs can’t drink it.Read more