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    January 1, 2016 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 0 °C

    So this is the travel blog of a brand new blogger, me, Vee.

    Granted, my family is probably the only ones reading this, but let’s try a moment of honesty, an introduction let’s say. I’m a female traveler, who looks like a boy, travelling with my female partner. In some areas of the world, that’s not an issue at all. In others, issue, big issue. So my blogs might incorporate moments that some, maybe not all, can understand. That being said, I’m also an anxiety ball which means I can’t run into my partner’s arms for comfort when I need it, which is surprisingly often. Of course, I picked the most down to earth, stress free girlfriend who believes the world can wait for her, no rush. Ha. Makes for interesting “frustrations”; I can run to catch a bus, even though I’ve got half an houIntro to my Travelsr to spare, and she deliberately takes her time to arrive within 2 minutes of departure, because where’s the fun in waiting? That being said, she pushes me to do things I never thought I could. We balance out.

    Together, at least so far, we’ve made great traveling partners! Yet we’ve never done it for longer then 2 weeks. This upcoming trip to East Africa, 3 months long, a place out spoken about their anti-gay laws and beliefs, should be interesting. Stay tuned.
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