• Day35

    We're in Uganda!

    February 5, 2016 in Uganda ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    We moved on! As usual, my anxiety came into full force in the airport. I asked our hotel to drop us at the airport for 2pm, we got there at 245pm. Our flight was only scheduled for 415pm but I wanted to be at the airport before our schedule flight left from Dire Dawa, the one we weren't on, to make sure they didn't cancel our tickets for the whole flight like they had said they would. Turns out, we presented our passports, my heart beating into my throat, and nothing. No questions about the missed flight. No arguing. Just a hand over of boarding passes and that's it. Hm.

    Once passed security, it was around 305pm when Jack decided she was hungry and wanted to sit down for some food. Boarding in 25 mins. So we get her food that the bar promises in 5 minutes. 10 minutes later food comes out, scorching hot spring rolls. Now it's 325pm. I can see a relatively long line up to get through security, but I was comforted by the long boarding line up. Once my anxiety of getting into the flight on time bothered Jack enough, we got in line to pass security, for me to notice I was looking at the wrong gate, and our gate was almost empty. Panic! Heart beating. I was being a monster to Jack, blaming her for things out of her control... After security I ran to the gate only to find out our flight had just started boarding, there just so happens to be about 12 passengers on this 100+ passenger plane... I can breath again. I really don't do well in airports. Good thing Jack can recognize that and give me some slack on how I treat her...

    Ugandans have given me hope! So far, mostly nice, helpful people! The lady at immigration didn't want to accept my 50$US bill because of a minuscule tear in it. But she was very good at instructing me on how to get to an ATM to get Ugandans shillings out. They were pleasant. Smiling. Even the driver Jack was chatting with had a smile on the whole time we were negotiating the price of our ride into town. It was a very pleasant interaction that got his price down from 10$US (34,000 shillings) to 25,000 and then down to the 15,000 I was insisting on. Thank you lonely planet! We chatted the whole way to our hostel, learnt how to great someone in the local language, which of course I forgot by now. He says 80% of Ugandans speak English, I have a feeling this will be a whole new world compared to Ethiopia. Our hostel was also great, they gave us a room for the same price as 2 dorm beds, the room usually only for one person. It's our first real backpacker style hostel, so we got to socialize all evening with other travellers, including 2 guys who were here for a 6 week placement as medical residence. Nice to get some medical talk in.

    I have a good feeling about this! I've decided to reboot and trust people again, new country, new trust. Let's do it.
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    Let's explore Uganda...can't wait to read all about it! Sylvie & Ron

    Helene Drouin

    Ah! la confiance de M-C avec le facteur temps!!!! Il y a de quoi devenir nerveux juste à voir comment elle peut être relaxe :D


    Looks really promising Vee. Miss you guys. Love, mom. xo

    Raimonds Reinsons

    A lot of years ago I lived there !!! Then even Discover didn't drive there! It was very dangerous !!! I fell in love with Uganda !!!