• Day73

    More Masai fun

    March 14, 2016 in Kenya ⋅ ⛅ 2 °C

    Just like yesterday, we woke up really early to set out for our game drive, this time stopping inside the park to watch the sun rise over the mountains. Absolutely gorgeous sight, with antelopes and wildebeests to add to the scenery.

    Today was a shorter game drive, 3 hours, so we stayed close to the gates. Surprisingly enough, that's where most of the animals were yesterday so I'm excited! We actually saw a ton of lionesses and their cubs! We saw three different groups, mommas and cubs laying or playing around. It's actually what we mostly saw, few zebras, few elephants, no giraffes, but tons of lions. Amazing morning, of course Jack being on cloud 9 during all of it.

    The giraffes made their way to the road to say goodbye to us instead of saying hi in the park. There's no fence around the park so the animals are free to roam as they wish. So along the road back to Nairobi was 4 huge giraffes within feet of the road. Obviously tall, but muscular and majestic animals. Gorgeous.

    A long drive later back to Nairobi, we make the decision to ride an overnight bus to the coast. Apparently 3 days in a van hasn't deterred us from spending another 10 hours overnight on a bus. It saves us the hotel night in Nairobi, and saves the precious time we have left. Apparently being white has it's privileges for overnight buses! I just so happened to be the first person at the door of the bus, and the ticket guy upgraded us to VIP. I didn't even know there was such a thing on a bus but we got there extra wide seats, tons of legs room, reclines beautifully. I'll take it! Good night y'all!
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    Finally a real bus! d. l


    A comfortable bus ride? Yeah! Josée C