• Day12


    November 19, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Ok Steph your not the only one who's gonna SERIOUSLY LOSE IT!! Ok...Kids here's how it all started.. (dream sequence).. it was a Wonderful morning we were heading back to Cali.. sun was shining, birds were singing, and Fletcher was still driving from last night.. oh but only after he started at 12 mid. drove for 2hr was too tired.. hit SB.. i was up trip planning of course otherwise we'd get nowhere.. ok back to this am.. im out of SB almost exactly 10hrs.. hes tired drove prob 6 of 8 hrs with all the stops wants MORE sleep. I take over drive clock says 3hrs 30mins ok drive it down think i just need DOT 30..NOPE that was my 70hr clock kids!! Oh wait Fletcher has 16hrs on his.. GREAT.. but NO.. with ALL his "breaks" and SB naps he runs his 14hr clock down.. has 3hr 30 left to drive.. enough to get us home!!but CANT CUZ HE USED UP HIS 14... So the moral of the story kids?? DONT FUCK AROUND AND CATCH YOURSELF A FLETCHER.. They are the gift that keeps on giving!! Kinda like HERPES!! YIKES!! Try getting rid of that LOL..

    Now just waiting for his 10hr SB so we can roll again.. BUT not till 1am!! Great!!
    Steph i hope i see you soon!! He's KILLING ME!!

    Side side note.. ran into Dwight here.. hes rollin with Austin from class.. lookin a little scruffy just back from Chicago.. on his way to my hometown FRES-YES!!
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