• Jul5

    Day 10 - Honky Tonk House Concert

    July 5, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Today I woke up later than I have been and hanged out with the Hagans for a little bit. We then drove about an hour to Streetsboro, Ohio where we found ourselves in a small neighborhood. We met our host Jay who had us set up in his basement which had about 9 chairs.

    We sat around for about an hour until people showed up. There was about sixteen or so in all. It sounds like a small amount but it’s all the basement could hold! We played a pretty quiet couple of sets. Thomas did even more insane sax antics (some very suggestive) and Andrew even picked up the bass. It was a surprise he didn’t smash the ceiling or light.

    After I was super thirsty. People had left and the host told us to have whatever we wanted. Well, they had absolutely no beverages except fifteen kinds of beer. So instead I ate a bunch of watermelon. Not really my favorite but oh well. We just say around for a bit eating and chatting.

    Tomorrow we have another day off. We’re driving back to Nick Moss’ place. On Saturday we play two shows, Thomas’ last ones unfortunately. It’s all the soccer finals that day, so I’m sure that’ll be on in the van.

    One last thing. Their cat decided to bunk with me. I’m also pretty sure Mom and Dad had this comforter in the past!
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    Garry Pomerleau

    Yup. Lol.

    Rosemarie Pomerleau

    Yup still have it. Did you let your host know that your mom is a Elvis fanatic. Love his pet n hound dog. ❤️

    Rosemarie Pomerleau

    We still have it too. Did you let your host know I’m a Elvis fanatic. Love the Elvis pet and hound dog. did have the huge bust till someone got hold of it. 💜