• Jul10

    Day 14 - Abbey Square

    July 10, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    This was a nice day. Once again we stayed on Lake Eerie. I got some laundry done and just hung out. For breakfast we went to Millie’s and I got some potato pancakes. Big mistake. Regular ones are way better.

    Doug and Andrew really wanted to go “throw Aerobie” so we did. It’s like a frisbee but with no middle so it flies super far. Andrew found a middle school with a football field and we went over. I sucked at throwing but eventually got okay at it. Catching, though, was another story. I caught it once one like 1.5 hours. I did get hit on the forearms pretty good with it, though!

    We went back and Johnny our host made is hamburgers. I got to try some horseradish mustard only sold in Buffalo which was good. Then we headed to the gig. It was at a place that was almost English themed (kind of) on the inside. Like the trim looked European.

    The gig went well. Lots of people visited wanting to sit in and because they knew the band Doug let them. One dude, a bass player, actually stopped playing thinking he was giving me a drum solo but everyone kept going and Doug got so lost even he stopped. Kind of a train wreck.

    The gig ended and we looked for some kind of gas station for food. Instead we stumbled upon a rest stop with a McDonalds. You actually had to cross the entire highway on a big bridge to get to it. After got one of the “all beef patty quarter pounders” as he called it and nuggets. I just got nuggets and Doug begrudgingly got a salad which he later complained had sucky dressing and no croutons. Andrew really enjoyed his meal even though t didnt have bacon and he got honey mustard, not hot. He called the nuggets “fire.” Apparently the dude working there had never heard that term before.

    We got in at 2 am knowing we had to be up at 7:30 or so. I immediately went to bed. Today we’re off to Rochester. We’re doing a radio show and then the gig at the Abilene. Tour getting close to being finished!
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