• Jul13

    Day 18 - First of the Greenwood Dates

    July 13, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 30 °C

    Before heading to Greenwood we went out to lunch with Ben to a Carolina bbq place. It was buffet style. The food was good but I didn’t really love the sauces. I’m a little sick of all this food no lies. They had something called hash which is just all the leftover meat parts stewed for a very long time then you pour it over rice. It was like mediocre creton. After we checked out his guitar collection and made our way to Greenwood.

    The ride was very short and uneventful. Doug told us he had two rooms so one of us was getting our own room. He said he had three quarters with three different states. I picked West Virginia as the coin that should win. We all picked one and mine had Harpers Ferry. Good luck I guess! We got to the rooms and then headed to the gig.

    We arrived super early at the Inn on the Square where we played their ballroom. We got free food and I picked the filet mignon. We played two sets. During the end of the first one I was super sure I had seen Adam Gussow in the crowd and I was right. He asked me “are you related to the other Zack Pomerleau who plays harp?” We then got our food. The steak was great; sous vide.

    After the show we stopped to get some snacks. Andrew made me try Tahitian Treat. It’s just fruit punch that’s carbonated. We headed back and I hung out for the night.

    Our next gigs are on their main stage and then some local pizza place called The Mill House.
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