• Day5

    Day 3 - Münster/Metrobar

    October 7 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 43 °F

    Today was great. We woke up in the freezing cold house where they made us a nice breakfast. Apparently Germans like salami in the morning. We had coffee and I noticed it tasted off. That’s when Thomas took a sip and spit it all out. The milk was completely gone. We then drove to Münster where Thomas lives to get to his place

    There we met his wife Anya and his very scared dog Stella. We had a soup and some kind of pretzel looking cookies common during Christmas time here. They weren’t sweet, but like a pumpernickel or something inside.

    The gig was very close. We got there and had to avoid bicyclists constantly driving passed us on the sidewalk. It was a Little Rock music based bar. There we had some kind of nacho chips and a green dip that really didn’t taste like guacamole.

    The gig was fun. Kai Strauss, Erkhan, and other local musicians were all there. During the second set they all sat in and I played harmonica until the last song. Afterwards we packed up and I talked to Kai about how he went to see KISS recently. Then headed to a place open late that serves roasted chickens.

    When we got there Kai and some others were there. After midnight the chicken meal is 7 euros so we all got that. Some of the best chicken I’ve ever had. Most people walked out of there paying 10-12 euros. It was awesome.

    Afterward we drove back but went down a one way so we had to back up a huge trailer quite a ways. Then we were up for a short while (at least Andrew and I).

    Today Belgium!
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