• Day24

    Mykonos, Greece

    September 23, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Today was amazing! I got to sleep in and then most of the team went out in port together and rented what they call Quad bikes which are actually ATVs. There weren’t too many of us who had their driving licence but it worked out in the end. We got four ATVs and three of them had two people on them. Right away our manager Chris claimed me as his “quad bike” buddy because he was one of the people who couldn’t drive. It was so much fun and Mykonos was so nice! We got to see so much more then we would have if we had just walked. We drove around the Island to a lighthouse and then worked our way back to where we had rented the ATVs. On the way to the lighthouse we lost one of the photographers who was on the bike on his own. He decided to go off on his own when we came to a challenging part of road because he didn’t want to wait. There was a VERY steep hill. We made it up fine and then stopped at the stop to make sure everyone else did as well. We turned around just in time to see the other two bikes start to roll backwards back down the hill. I walked back down the hill and drove the first bike up for them. Then walked all the way back down again to get the last bike up as well. Even though they had never drove ATVs before that was the only time they had trouble.

    After we returned the ATVs we went to get some lunch. I had some AMAZING pizza (Ham, cheese and tomato). Venice was the best pizza I had ever had but this was very close. Then some people headed to the beach and Chris and I explored a bit before heading back to the ship.

    I definitely enjoyed Mykonos and would love to go back. I highly recommend renting ATVs there as well. Three hours cost €25 then we put €15 of gas in it. Which was then split between the two of us.

    Tonight was very busy but also fun. It was tropical night so we were all going around all the different restaurants but it was also the start of the all out war between the photographers! We all got another photographer and a way we had to kill them. For example there is poison them where you have to put salt in their drink and get them to drink it. There’s freeze them to death which means you have to get an ice cube down their shirt 3 times. There’s crush them to death which means you have to hug them for 15 seconds without them breaking free. There’s sniper which means you have to get a photo of them without them knowing from a certain distance away out in port without them knowing. The one I got was gas them to death. Which means I had to spray my victim 3 separate times with either perfume or deodorant. Luckily my old cabin mate had tiny little bottles of perfume that she left behind so I had the perfect weapon. I was the only one to kill my first victim on the first day. So now I have to kill the person he was suppose to kill, the way he was suppose to kill him. Which means I am stocking up on salt packets because my next victim will be poisoned. I almost had him today as well but he hasn’t drank any of his water yet that he leaves in his locker. I’ll definitely get him tomorrow. I also now know who has me because of a failed murder attempt. Our manager Chris came up behind me and tried to get an ice cube down the back of my shirt. So he’s trying to freeze me to death. Now that I know that I will definitely be avoiding him tomorrow.
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