• Day4

    Day 4: Montmort - Sezanne

    August 16, 2016 in France ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    Distance: 31km
    Weather: 29C, felt like 34!
    Mood: Good, bit more social
    Blisters: 3 (2 new!)

    The "unwinding" road

    Time for something different today. My day started with 5 kilometers along a grassy straight path through farmlands with absolutely nothing else around. The Beatles song The long and winding Road came into my mind, though this road was anything but windy and I realised that the hiker-me is different from the everyday-me. Usually I love shortcuts, the quickest way to get somewhere in the most efficient manner, but the hiker-me likes the bends in the road, the corner that may bring something interesting to see and the turn the guidebook describes is coming up soon. It keeps the journey interesting and straight roads are just a bit... boring. But I manned up, counted steps and marched on and finally I saw the end of the road (see pictures below) and the funny thing was that the road on the other side was pretty much the same, long and un-winding. In fact, most of the long route today was like that! It's almost like this camino gives you what you don't desire, so you can meditate on it. Let's see how unwindy the roads are tomorrow.

    Oh and, I did meet some really lovely Scottish people who offered to heat my food and I sat with them for most of the evening, hence why this post is later than usual!
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    Sharon van den Biggelaar

    Doe je goed Jorien. Leuk om te lezen ook! X