• Day3

    Sundsvall- Sorsele

    October 21, 2020 in Sweden ⋅ ❄️ -2 °C

    Today we drove nearly 400km and about 6.5hours. And we are in Lappland now!
    At the end it very exhausting because all the roads were only covered with snow.. especially difficult it got when it got dark.
    (And it haven’t stopped snowing yet ❄️)
    Some parts were more difficult than others but when a truck came my heart always started pumping much faster. We came on a accident where we weren’t sure what to do or how long we had to wait there because there was already a long line with cares & trucks waiting. But luckily they pulled the car out of the snow very fast and the street was free again. Despite the horror and the concentration it was a great. We saw many beautiful houses and tons of trees covered in snow😍❄️
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