• Day63

    Little Metropolis, Athens

    October 31, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Next to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens is the Church of Theotokos Gorgoepikoos and Ayios Eleytherios, also known as the Little Metropolis, which is so much easier to say. Built on top of the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Eileithyia, the date of construction has been debated over the years with it being anywhere from the 9th century to the 13th century. Either way it is a very old building.

    And a very small one, especially compared to other historic structures. At just 7.6 metres long and 12.2 metres wide, it was built exclusively of reused marble spolia, with undecorated pieces up to the height of the windows, and a total of ninety sculptures above that. Its interior was originally decorated entirely with frescoes, but only one of these survives today, an image of the Panagia over the entrance apse. I loved the simplicity of this building as there is a real sense of its history seeping from the stonework.
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