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  • Day28


    June 10, 2015 in Colombia ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Weird things made in Colombia:

    - Aguapanela con queso - water with cane sugar and cheese
    - Using the motorbike for everything, even 4 persons, a dog and mattresses
    - Even in the hottest cities, lunch always includes soup
    - There is an unbelievable variance of fruits, but they never seem to eat any
    - Also, in a supermarket you have to search a while to find bottled water of more than 500ml, since people almost only drink juices (fresh and delicious :P)
    - Street signs warn of monkeys instead of dears
    - Classes (even of most secondary schools) start at 6am
    - There are no seasons: the climate only changes between rainy and dry (temperature stays almost the same all year), sun goes up at 6am and down at 6pm every single day
    - Colombia is famous for its coffee (called tinto), and even the kids drink it
    - No meal is complete without rice, doesn't matter if breakfast, lunch or dinner
    - Everything is fried and older people that visit Germany are convinced that there is absolutely no food, because the unfried one doesn't count
    - Besides, 90% is carbs: it is normal here to get a plate with rice, pasta and arepas combined, not even always complemented by meat
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