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  • Day20

    Bike Tour

    June 2, 2015 in Colombia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    This time we were a group of five people: Americans, Dutch, English and me, renting bikes to explore the area. Our plan was to go to the blue holes (pozos azules), to the archeological museum El Fósil, to an astronomical site called Infiernito and to the clay house Casa de Barro.
    First though, we had to stop at another bike rental to get our really shitty bikes fixed a bit. When we arrived at the blue holes, they were closed. We asked a man who told us that he knew the owners and would show us the way. It got weirder when he wanted us to buy one of his CDs so he would continue. We told him that we didn't want to go anymore (it would have been a pretty steep way back anyway), so he left us really pissed off.
    The museum was nice though. They have a huge skeleton of a baby (!) dinosaur (around 6m long without the tail) and some other fossils. El Infiernito didn't seem really special (it is like some kind of Stonehenge with stones standing around). We were relatively sure we wouldn't see anything different inside than from outside, so we didn't pay the entrance.
    Last we arrived at Casa de Barro, which is really cool. You see some of the outsides on the picture - the inside part is designed in the same, Gaudí-ish style, but seeming as of somebody would live. It is not only an art work, but has everything it needs to be habitable, even a kitchen, a toilet and s mosaic shower. We had a nice tortilla-guacamole-lunch on the rooftop.
    When we got back to the hostel, Alicia and I already had to pack our stuff to catch the bus to Sogamoso. It took like forever to get there, so I asked more than half an hour late, what usually hadn't been a problem, but in this case Chris, the friend that was going to pick me up, had an exam at 8. We arranged to met at an ice cream parlor named Frutillar, but it resulted a bit difficult since we waited at different ones (and neither he nor anyone else in the town seemed to know there were two). Therefore, it was already really late, so I came with him to the university (where they first didn't want to let me in) and waited while he was presenting his exam. I was fairly happy when we finally got to his house.
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