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  • Day13

    Festival de las flores

    April 7, 2017 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    I feel like my trip has a pretty good timing. I visited Guanajuato exactly the two days of its flower festival. The whole town is full of flowers and people, and there is quite some good party going on. The intention is for the guys to buy flowers and to give them to their girlfriends or girls they liked.
    We first saw two live bands, then we went on to the bar “Golem“ where Edson, one of the owners of our hostel, works.
    Whereas I thought that the main festival day had been yesterday (friday), it turned out that there were even more people today. Thus, Esther and I ended our city walk pretty soon and rather went to Golem to say hi to Edson. They even have us micheladas and paella for free!
    However, I had to leave pretty soon in order to catch my bus to Guadalajara, witch, as expected, turned out to be a bit complicated. The bus terminal is around 5km out of town, but thanks to the festival there was a lot of traffic and the busses ran rather irregularly. Also getting a cab was almost impossible inside town, but you can always rely on the people: I asked a Mexi-American family where I could catch the bus to the bus station, and they took me there with their car :)
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