• Day23

    Wild camp above Loreley

    July 19, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    The Rhein had been getting progressively narrower as it wound down the valley and turned sharply to reach what we believe to be its narrowest point on this stretch, with an almost vertical cliff face rising from one bank. The temperature was also rising steeply so we climbed the forested hill and found a disused forest track leading off the main road. There was a turning area about 25m away that provided a lot of shade and seemed ideal as an overnight stop so we pulled up.

    The fragrance of forest and a certain flower (possibly agrimony hemp) flooded the clearing. A buzzard flew between the pines just 10meters in front of the van and upon investigating further up the track, we found a 20ft high hide so climbed up and sat for a while. One thing we love about the van is that it acts as a very comfortable 'hide' and whilst we didn't see anything of note from the wooden hide, the van provided us with views of a stonechat, a curious jay and even the chestnut rump of a deer disappearing into the undergrowth as evening drew in. With the windows and door open still open, we could even detect a faint whiff of deer and Poppy suddenly became very interested in what was going on!

    We decided to stay a second day instead of braving the 35° temperatures forecast in full sun. We made use of the sun to recharge our batteries (literally) and Will made use of the shade in his hammock.
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