• Day73


    September 7, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Starting our journey along Germany's North West coast, we drove to Warnemunde and whilst it looked like a nice place with interesting mosaics and access to the beach, it was extremely busy, despite being September. We drove round and round narrow streets trying to find somewhere to park with locals tutting at us. Even the park and ride had a width restriction too narrow for the van so we moved on.

    In the next part of our journey we travelled through some beautiful countryside. Driving on to and along the Darss-Zingst peninsula we had mixed forest on both sides casting zig zag shadows on to the road. The forest floor was covered with rich brown leaves and its edges with pinkish heather and green bracken with tinges of its autumn colour. Other places had glimpses of the Baltic between heavily built up mounds of earth acting as flood protection. Whilst the peninsula was beautiful, it was still very busy, with narrow roads and little room for parking. What parking had been provided was very expensive and we encountered problems like width barriers and low hanging trees blocking our path once we turned in to car parks. Moving off the peninsula we stopped at Barth, a pleasant little town with a big church, convoluted streets, carved dark wood statues and a large marina.
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